Earlier this year, I had a very poor health condition. I suffered from severe anxiety and gained two pounds, which I could not lose. I realized I lacked the knowledge and ability to treat such symptoms on my own, especially because I was feeling demotivated, depressed, and exhausted and had been battling with sleepless nights for months.

My friend recommended I visit Novomed clinic for the best Nutritionist in Dubai and spoke fondly of them. Trusting her advice was a turning point and one of the best decisions I ever made!

I am quite satisfied with my experience, From the administrative staff to my nutrition counselor. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and nice. I cannot say enough good things about the staff, especially to the best nutritionist in Dubai, who is so polite, knowledgeable, and kind. She exerted so much effort and went above and above to assist me with my problems.

Before meeting with the dietician, I was asked to fill out an extensive questionnaire on my past physical and mental health, as well as my family’s. Additionally, I was required to submit multiple samples for testing.

My first appointment with the expert nutritionist blew me away; she analyzed my collected data, explained in depth why I was experiencing my present serious health issues, and immediately suggested a tailored plan of action, which she outlined in a report. I was ecstatic – I had previously visited my doctor about my concerns and was provided only with pills that stopped making much difference after two weeks. So, I’m incredibly grateful for the amazing care I received at Novomed at fare prices!

I started eating the required foods and taking the prescribed vitamins as planed. In four months, my symptoms nearly disappeared, and I lost 9 kilos! I continued to work with my nutritionist to achieve all of my goals, feeling confident and content.

I cannot recommend the services of Novomed enough. I am in excellent health and will continue the diet and lifestyle changes suggested by a great team of a dedicated nutritionists who changed my life for the better. Thank You Novomed!


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