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If you are a sports fan and are looking for the latest news, you can find them all in the Internet. You can also follow live links to the major sporting events, and you can find expert analysis and breaking news on the site. The website also has a news blog, editorial board, and extensive video archive. The site also has a very active online community. Apart from sports, 8Xbet also offers political and business news, as well as articles in English.


Buaksib is a Thai website that provides comprehensive sports news and match highlights. It also translates the content to English and provides live score updates. A popular feature of the site is the availability of match highlights in high-resolution. Viewers can watch the highlights for free. This website provides comprehensive coverage of Thai football. It’s a great choice for those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Thai football league.

Buaksib is also a great resource for football fans. It publishes over 30 posts daily covering a range of topics, including team news, players, and leagues. It also offers prediction based on in-depth analysis. In addition, it offers a mobile application for users to follow live scores while they’re on the go.


The 8Xbet sports news site is a great resource for sports fans, with a variety of original articles and video highlights. They also offer a community discussion board and email alerts for breaking news. The site has an easy-to-use interface, and is constantly updated with new stories.

The 8X sports news website features breaking news and exclusive articles from sports personalities. They also have an active Reddit community, which helps you keep updated with the latest news about your favorite teams. The site is also home to a community forum, as well as a newsletter.

Sports lovers in Thailand can access a number of sites that offer up-to-date information on local and international sports events. Some of them feature expert analysis, video clips from live matches, and detailed news articles. Some even offer email updates. If you prefer reading on the go, you can check out these sites on mobile devices.

Siamrath is a popular Thai language daily newspaper that publishes news, gossip, and other content that is relevant to Thai society. Its news section includes a variety of topics, including sports, celebrity happenings, and politics. It also features a dedicated business section and has a huge online following.
Khaosod English

Many people in Thailand are disappointed with the way that Khaosod English handles its international news. While it does have some good content, it often reprints anti-democratic propaganda from the Chinese government. To avoid these reprints, Khaosod English should rip up its partnership with the Xinhua news agency. This is a disservice to its credibility, brand, and reputation.

The Khaosod website first gained fame when it reported on cover-up murders. The reporting revealed that Lieutenant-General Chalor Kerdthes had ordered the abduction of the victims. Later, Khaosod argued that the deaths were roadside accidents. It has also recently launched 8X, a sports news site in Thai, where users can find breaking news, videos, and live links. It also provides expert analysis and original articles. Moreover, the site is free of spam, and its content is available on various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
Pattaya Mail

For sports enthusiasts in Thailand, there are many online sports news sites with both Thai and English content. These sites offer extensive coverage of major sporting events, live broadcasts of games, and analysis from experts. Some sites also have news blogs and video archives. The interface is easy to use and features vibrant colors. They are also compatible with various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Bangkok Biz News is a social news website with dedicated sections for sports and other topics. It caters to a broad demographic and is popular amongst Thais. It also has a dedicated Thai language video section.
Thai PBS World

The Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS) is the nation’s public broadcaster, funded through a sin tax. It is the country’s first public broadcaster and is modelled after the British Broadcasting Corporation. But it has suffered from internal turbulence and power struggles, resulting in little change in the flagship network. It is time for a fresh vision to guide the network and bring in an international perspective.

Thai PBS World features in-depth reporting on Thai sports, politics, and the world at large. The site also includes culture blogs and podcasts with prominent Thais. Thai PBS World has one of the largest English-language websites in Thailand. It also covers tourism, business, and technology. The site also has a strong focus on Thailand’s economic recovery.

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