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SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that it is readily found online. SEO basically focuses on improving the rankings of a website in search engines such as Bing and Google. The higher the website ranks on the search engine result page, the greater the odds of its more visit. When a website gets more traffic, there is a possibility for more business.

There are various types of website optimization. Following is a description of two different types of SEO services.


Off-Page SEO – Implementing Optimization Elements Not Associated With The Page Itself

Off-page SEO methods help raise the domain authority of a website which is a measure of a site’s credibility and “capability” to rank well. Whereas on-page SEO places a website in a position to rank well for search terms by assisting search engines to understand the grammatical meaning of a website and its pages. Off-page SEO helps raise the website’s authority and Google interpretation of what sites should rank before others.


  • Social Media

Social media helps create the potential for website viewers and improve brand awareness. The more the site takes part in social media, the higher the odds of social media users viewing the website. As it associates with off-page SEO, Google’s priority is to provide quality content to its users. The frequency is among the great indicators of quality content with which the content is online shared. Social media marketing is a great way to encourage the website’s content sharing.


  • Backlinks

Backlinks are at the core of Google’s ranking algorithm.

To Google, backlinks from one site to another are alike to word-of-mouth referrals. The more backlinks or referrals a website gets, the more Google consider the website as appropriate, and later, the higher the website’s rankings. Because backlinks are important to domain authority and well ranking. It tends to even be the greatest abuse area in terms of spam.

If the SEO company is not using the best methods for building links, then they may be simply focusing on the number of backlinks. To improve rankings, the quality of backlinks is more important. One great quality backlink from an authoritative, trusted website is much better than 10 and even 100 poor quality backlinks. The key to obtaining great quality backlinks is to offer valuable content on your site that others may wish and reference to share with their website’s viewers.


On-page SEO – optimizing visible page elements that influence rankings

  • Page title and meta description

Title tag and meta description of a web page are important to SEO rankings because of two reasons. The first is, both must contain your main keywords to help Google better understand the grammatical meaning of your page. Instead of keyword stuffing, use a variety of your keywords. It is best to use word variations, synonyms, and change words arrangement within a keyword phrase. A skilled SEO services agency will know how to perfectly optimize title tags and meta descriptions that help Google search queries rank and level up organic traffic.

The second reason is that they offer an opportunity to distinguish your web page result from the rest of the competitors. Current SEO best methods consider more recent factors of optimization used by Google, including user engagement metrics like click-through rate, bounce rate, and time-on-site. When Google identifies more viewer engagement with the website and one web page is viewed for a long time, the odd is that page will surpass pages with low user metrics. Intriguing and accurate title tag and meta description of web page help boost click-through rate and decrease bounce rate.


  • Headings (Headers)

Google appreciates and rewards web pages that are formed intuitively. The heading helps to organize the page content. Main topics use more striking headers. In terms of SEO, these will include H1, H2 heading tags and will identify further macro ideas. When larger detail is discussed, within every over-arching topic, these text areas use fewer striking headers like H3 and H4. The appropriate use of header tags is very critical to rankings. SEO service providers are aware of how to utilize and optimize headings to help increase Google rankings.


  • On-page Content

The content or text of a web page is important to the page’s ranking. Google tracks visitor usage metrics like bounce rate of time on site. If your skilled SEO services agency simply optimizes title tags, meta description, and headings to increase rankings, then this rankings growth may be short-lived.

The on-page content ultimately must offer value to the visitor. For example, simply listing services is boring. When one includes the value or benefits of those services to the prospective clients, the page becomes more appropriate to the visitor. When the page is short, has an attractive layout, and uses graphics, videos, etc that enhance visitor engagement, then the rankings growth has great staying power.



SEO is the process of accomplishing more traffic and better search engine rankings to generate more business. There are various types of SEO services focusing on distinct elements of online visibility and search optimization. In order, to rank well within search engines like BING and Google, an SEO agency Gurgaon may implement on and off-page SEO with a focus on local or organic search engine optimization services.

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