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Before you start optimizing your site, it becomes highly important for you to understand the numerous types of SEO that are easily available to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

Each of these types comprises its own good and bad techniques to apply. And this is the part we make you aware of some other day. These are things that people most often ignore, only to regret later.   

But for now, if you are here to educate yourself about the different types of SEO, then we as an SEO agency surely have got you covered. 

In this article, a comprehensive guide is being provided to you about various types of search engine optimization. 

Though we have tried to include everything that you may want to know about types of SEO, in case you want to read something more about it, then feel free to pay a visit to Social Snipper Digital Marketing Agency.

On-page SEO:

On-page SEO

On-page, SEO happens to be the most common type of SEO strategy that most brands follow to make their business stand out of the crowd. 

In much simpler words, this type of SEO refers to the changes that are made by you to your site, that enhance the performance of your site.  

Want to know what is the most common on-page Seo optimization? Then it is none other than going with the targetted keyword. 

When users want to search anything on the search engine, they use a specific type of keyword. 

In order that you are looking for a viable way to let your leads find your business, then keyword research is the only thing that can prove to be highly productive for you. 

Another category the comes in this type of SEO service is that is the optimization of URL structures. 

Once a user visited your page, you might want them to at least remember your page, and optimization of URL structures is the only way to do so. 

Off-page SEO:

This is that type of Seo that involves optimization of your site but doesn’t really happen on your site.  These happen to be the external factor that improves the performance of your site. Settle on your wagers as a percentage of your overall bankroll.  

What counts to be one of the major influences of Off-page Seo is your social media sharing. When the site link is shared on your social media pages, you can’t really handle how the audience might interact with your links. 

However, by going with Off-page SEO, you would be able to handle this factor with ease. 

Not only that, but off-page SEO is also responsible for making sure that your page loads quickly and remains bug-free, so users don’t really have to face any inconvenience while being on your site. 

Technical SEO:

Last but not the least, technical SEO is another type of search engine optimization that is popular for providing people with profound experience. 

This type of SEO involves optimizing the backend of your website so that it may run properly. The main reason why this type of Seo is often used by marketers is to improve the ranking of your website. 

The more improved your website ranking would be, the more profound results you would be able to see. 

Other than that, it also has a great hand in making your website to get load quickly for the users. 

People these days are highly impatient. If they have to spend much time waiting for your content to get load, they will pass by your website for sure. An air conditioner does not take air from…. Hence, in that regard, technical Seo really proves itself to be fruitful. 


For a business owner like you, we believe that if only you managed to get these three types of Seo right for your site, then the results you might receive would be no less than being incredible 

With that being said, SEO Company in Gurgaon hopes that the information we have provided you above might prove to be fruitful for you! 

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