Gable Boxes

The word gable means the upper triangular portion of a wall at the end of a ridged roof. This gives us a fair enough idea of what to expect in the shape of gable boxes. Their closure happens with the interlocking of the upper flaps to form a triangular handle shape. These boxes may vary in size, but to maintain their essential essence. The top interlocking mechanism remains consistent. Also, the shape of these boxes also remains standard to some extent. To maintain your individuality, you can add sleeves, windows, perforation areas, and dispenser parts. They are very friendly to all types of printing processes. They also have ample printable regions that one can consume to the best of their benefit. They can be chromed, metalized, embossed, and stamped.

We can term gable boxes as convenience packaging due to their expediency. They are extremely easy to assemble. Some organizations prefer to buy them. Since they cut down the cost of hiring help to assemble and bring to shape the acquired packaging products. One can easily make them themselves.

On top of that, this practical mode of packaging can be used in multiple ways and for various reasons. Not just that, but we can also reuse them in several unconventional ways. Some of them are listed below.

Gable boxes for gifting:

Sending out gifts may be an easy thing to do. And not to mention, some people simply love to send out gifts with or without any reason. The reason for this ‘no reason’ practice may still remain unknown. But we do know one thing for sure. That there is a certain thing that remains a matter of concern for people who gift for a motive or without it. That is the selection of the gift’s packaging. Luckily we have gable-shaped boxes for the rescue. These boxes make an excellent enclosure for gift items. And also, they look very unique and chic while doing so.

You can also add a touch of glitz and glam to them. By sparkling them with some glitter. Or pasting some graffiti on them to make them look super creative. You can also add some handmade cards and cutouts to them to add an additional personalization flavor for your recipients.

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Hanging planters:

Who does not like a touch of nature in every corner of their house? Gable box packaging looks ravishingly unique when reused as a hanging planter. You cannot go full-on with your gardening endeavors with these boxes for all obvious reasons. But they can do wonders in keeping your herbs fresh in your kitchen. Add some soil and let your herbs enjoy some natural environment to grow. But be careful, since these boxes are made of cardboard. Do not pour water into them directly. Instead, use a spray bottle to spray your herbs from a little distance, focusing on their shoots only.

You can also use them to hang artificial plant decorations on your walls. They can give your posy a unique and extraordinary appearance and, better yet, make it look natural and real.

Use your gable boxes as a handy lunch box:

The handle closure of these boxes makes them an excellent choice for packing lunch. Your kids may find them very easy to carry. And also, due to their sturdy nature, they can easily carry a substantial amount of food items in them. They are best for packing sandwiches. Their thickness varies from 250 GSM to 550 GSM, which lends them enough strength to hold a considerable amount of weight in them. This is why you can pack them lavishly, and rest assured that your kids will enjoy a happy and full meal in a lunch carrier that they can easily dispose of after usage. They can also convert into a flat shape very easily, so your kids may not feel the need for extra plates to consume their meal.

The handles on them also allow you to pack hot and hard-to-handle products in them. Your kids would safely hang them in their hands. And no heat would get the chance to harm them in any way whatsoever.

These are just a few reuses that these boxes may provide. However, you can use them in any way that you desire. If you have a supply of gable boxes wholesale at your disposal by any chance. You may find your creative hunger well fed by doing wonderful things with them. Businesses reap multiple and gigantic benefits from this type of packaging. Consumers have also found millions of ways to enhance the aura of their products through these packs. And for the customers also they are no less beneficial. So go ahead and let your creative side run loose on them.

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