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Any packaging you get for your product, make sure it is perfect. It is vital to select the best packaging material suitable for the particular merchandise. Paper boxes are a popular option as they can package different products in a secure way like cereals, cosmetics, etc. A brand needs to design these boxes, especially so that they can be prominent. The following are six cool and unique design tips for custom paper boxes:

1: Design knowing The Target Audience

If you want to be able to create the most appealing Kraft paper boxes, it is essential to design them according to what the consumer base wants. A business needs to find out who these people are to create Hair Extension Packaging Boxes that will attract them. Research your target audience’s age, gender, geographical location, and shopping habits. For example, if you sell cereal for kids, the paper boxes can be bright, fun, and colorful, with pictures of cartoon characters. 

If you are packaging an elegant cosmetic item, the packaging can be decent and sophisticated. You can state why the product is good for the skin. If you can attract your target audience, sales will occur as these are the people who want to buy the product.

2: Adding Information On The Packaging

The details that you need to add to custom paper boxes are essential. A brand must know what points to include, as adding too many can make the box look confusing. According to the merchandise, you should research what issues help shoppers decide between buying the product. 

A food product must state the ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing and expiry dates, warnings, how to store, quantity, weight, etc. If the product needs to be cooked, you can give instructions. Skincare products can tell what the item is, what skin type it is for, how to use it, when to use it, warnings, store it, etc. The details on a box are a vital part of it and should be added carefully. 

3: Market Your Product

Use Kraft paper boxes for marketing your products effectively. This is done when the packaging is attractive. You can state the unique features of your item on the package. The brand will be helping consumers know why it is a good idea to pick a particular product. 

A business should be honest here and only include truthful information. For example, a food product may have natural ingredients. It may have fewer carbs. A cosmetic product can be dermatologically-tested. This must be included in the box. If it has any good elements for the skin, state this clearly. 

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4: Typography

You should select the font to add the information on paper boxes carefully. This is also an essential part of the overall packaging design. If you select a boring font with an unattractive color, the complete design can be negatively affected. 

Select a well-readable font. It can match the overall design theme of your packaging. The color has to be selected carefully as well. Make sure that it does not get confused in the background color. When the details on the box look interesting, shoppers may consider reading them, or else you may ignore them.

5: Increase Brand Awareness

It is vital to increase brand awareness if you want your business to get a position in the market. One way to do this is with the help of custom paper boxes. You can reach a more extensive consumer base when you do this. To increase brand awareness, make your packaging stand out. You can include a brand logo on the box. The logo will give it a professional look and help consumers recognize which products are from your business. When they notice the logo on another packaging, they will know this. 

You must also include your brand’s contact details on the packaging to make it easy for consumers to contact you. This will be the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, and website. For example, if people know about your website address, they can visit it, check out your products, and learn more about your business. 

6: Choose Colors And Images Carefully

Color psychology is essential to know what different colors mean to people. This can help you choose the best ones suited to what you are selling and what feeling you want to give consumers about the item. 

For example, white symbolizes purity and innocence and is usually associated with weddings. Red is seen as a color of passion. Black is connected with elegance and class, but it is seen as a color that symbolizes evil in some places. Orange is a color used to depict joy, warmth, creativity, success, health, etc. 

If you decide to add pictures to the Kraft paper box, make sure that the images are realistic if you are including those related to your product. Do not add too many photos, making the box look untidy and stressful. 

Paper boxes can be designed uniquely, especially when you have carefully done your research. You need to know the features of your merchandise to get the best packaging material strength for them. The product must arrive safely to people. Also, know who your customers are so that you can make packaging that appeals to them. Choose the box style carefully as well. If you are selling a product that needs to be seen before it is brought, you can consider getting window boxes

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