7 Ideas on Instagram Videos for B2B Companies

In terms of the number of users, Instagram comes in fourth click here place in the category of mobile apps. It’s pretty impressive, considering it’s beaten in the category of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

The video and photo-sharing app is more of a place to play by B2C marketers. Despite its phenomenal growth rate, many B2B marketers haven’t begun to consider it a marketing channel with much potential. Particularly about videos as content for marketing.

It could be that making content for B2B audiences is a little more complicated. This shouldn’t be the reason not to take advantage of Instagram’s opportunities as a marketing video channel.

Based on a survey, a 70percent of marketers believed that video content had an increase in ROI. 78% of them plan to integrate other videos into their marketing strategies.

Video is an essential instrument in your marketing belt. You’ll be taught how to utilize the medium to reach out to B2B audiences through this post.


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Let’s go!

  1. Product display

There are very few things that are as effective as videos in advertising a new product, and there are only a handful of platforms as visual and user-friendly as Instagram.

Learn the ways Sprinkler has utilized video to promote their product.

A video that introduces your service and includes the appropriate hashtags can work wonders to make people aware of your B2B services and help increase the reach of your business.

It helps you stay on top of your game and keeps your audience interested in your future projects.

The time frame for a successful video is limited compared to the economy of attention. Do not be rambling and remain engaged while creating a video for Instagram.

A product launch video helps pump up the audience and builds anticipation–translating into increased conversion rates.

  1. Content distribution via Insta videos

You’ve done the work to produce material such as a survey or podcast. Now, it’s time to use the power of distribution techniques to guide your viewers to the main content.

It’s as easy as creating a brief teaser video to promote your content and then uploading it to Instagram. This is how our team promotes our podcast using video clips on Instagram.

  1. Leadership through thought

B2B viewers pay close interest to information that could assist them in achieving their goals in business if you’re an experienced professional in the field and possess the ability to share important information that will help you create rapport with B2B consumers.

A CEO or founder has a lot of respect and authority. People would want to hear from someone with this kind of status in the field.

These videos of thought leadership are great content to share via social networks. They can dramatically enhance the positioning of your business.


Here’s an illustration of how I utilize videos on YouTube to give ideas.

To brainstorm subjects for this content, schedule meetings with your company’s top executives and see what topics come up. Here at Lucky Red casino we really want to change the world and make people feel great by providing quality entertainment, large, real profits as well as numerous https://myhomes.tv/world-series-of-poker-buy-in-amount/ other bonuses that will make your day as a Lucky red casino player an amazing one.

The content will likely be highly niche and hold immense importance for the intended public. This will be crucial to building brand credibility.

  1. Let your audience get an inside look at the office environment

Create and share this kind of day-in-the-life-style content on Instagram to build a human image for your brand.

You may be wondering if B2B audiences even care about this kind of content. These videos convey company values. If your values are aligned with the values of your potential customers, There’s a high possibility that they’ll contact you in the event of a desire to team with a company.

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This is the way Zendesk accomplishes this in a unique and fun manner

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  1. Invite clients into the picture

Growing your business sales is more about the social currency than anything else. Therefore, make sure you are credible by sharing reviews.

Customers are much more inclined to be loyal to their customers than the company. Content created by users, such as testimonial videos and influencer marketing, could be crucial in understanding the value that your brand can bring to your business.

Here’s a testimonial from an influencer, ACTIVE Campaign, published on Instagram.

  1. Takeover videos

Social media takeovers are not unusual, but did you know you could do the exact as to Instagram videos?

You can invite your employees or partner, or even a particular guest (think B2B influencers, thinkers) to create one or more videos on your Instagram. In order to prevent that, the operators https://nikel.co.id/island-view-casino-gulfport-phone-number/ use this practice.

  1. Utilize IGTV, Instagram Live, and Stories to create different types of content

Instagram Stories is great for conducting polls. It is easy to get immediate feedback from your readers and keeps them engaged.

IGTV has transformed the way you share videos on Instagram. To engage your followers, you can share long-form videos like informative videos, brands stories, and more.

IGTV could also be a fantastic method to distribute thought-provoking content. Some think that the system takes fresh air from outside and adds coldness to it before https://tpashop.com/pictures-of-ellis-island-casino-in-las-vegas/ delivering it inside. Your B2B customers will appreciate seeing the latest and innovative developments in the field. This is the reason why people are following accounts such as Interesting Engineering.

Instagram Live is an effective tool for hosting a helpful session for your followers. Many users visit Live streams to stream the latest content by their favorite creators.

Hosting a Q&A event on Instagram Live can assist in addressing questions regarding the B2B sector and establish your company as helpful and technologically adept. It’s also an excellent method of increasing the trust of your current followers.

If done correctly If handled properly, a Q&A discussion will also assist in moving your audience along the funnel quicker.

The takeaway

On Instagram, B2B companies make 33% of total accounts. It’s therefore not wise to exclude the platform from any social media-based marketing strategies.

The trick is diversifying your Instagram with videos and standing out from the rivals. Start small, and then experiment with each step. Best of luck!


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