Best Oncologist In India
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Knowing that you have cancer is enough to turn the world upside down. But you need to take an active role in healthcare to give you hope and help you feel in control. So, the first and foremost step in your fight against cancer is selecting an oncologist. How would you find the finest oncologist to offer you the right treatment? Given below are a few of the crucial factors you need to keep in mind in this regard. 

Get a list of referrals from the primary care physician 

You need to start your search for the best oncologist in India with a list of referrals from the primary care physician. Your friends, family members, and other healthcare providers can also offer recommendations to you. Take some time and research about the experience and credentials of those doctors. After you have narrowed down the list, call the office of each oncologist and book an appointment for a consultation. 

Research about the credentials of the oncologist 

Keep in mind that board certification is an important factor you need to consider while selecting an oncologist. It assures you that your doctor has all the necessary skills, training, and experience to get you the right treatment. Also, make sure that the doctor has no previous history of disciplinary actions or malpractice claims.  

A bit of search on the internet will tell you all about the educational background, certifications, and malpractice history of a doctor. 

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Take into account the experience of the oncologist 

Experience is important in terms of cancer treatment. Your results are likely to be better when your doctor has more experience in treating your type of cancer. You can unhesitatingly ask your oncologist about how many patients with your specific type of cancer he has treated.  

If you know you require a particular procedure, you can ask the doctor about how many of such procedures he has performed before. Enquire about the complications the oncologist has faced previously, along with your own possible set of complications. 

Consider the gender while choosing your oncologist 

It is necessary to feel comfortable with the gender of your oncologist as you will have to openly talk about several personal details. These days, the best oncologist in India will be able to treat both men and women with equal dexterity.  

However, some hospitals have separate treatment centers to focus on gender-based cancer care. It is also understandable if one feels more comfortable discussing their prostate cancer with a male doctor or breast cancer with a female oncologist.  

Research about the quality of the hospital 

You need to take into account the quality of care offered at the hospital when the doctor treats their patients. The quality of hospital matters because patients getting their treatment from top-rated hospitals have better chances of survival and fewer complications. 

In addition, consider if the location of the hospital is convenient to you. You will need frequent appointments and tests, and the location has to be close by for that. The location needs to encourage, instead than discourage speedy treatment. 

Assess the style of communication 

Select a doctor with whom you can comfortably talk and who offers support for all your information requirements. When you meet the doctor for the first time and start asking the questions, note how they respond. Does he welcome the questions and make sure you understand the answers? 

Candor and clarity are the two main communication tools for the cancer patients and the oncologists. So, find someone who shows an active interest in getting to understand you and your treatment preference. 

Read the reviews left by previous patients 

Looking into what others have to say regarding your doctor offers valuable insights into how they practice medicine, along with how the medical practice operates. Typically, patient reviews talk about people’s experience with office staff friendliness, office environment, wait times, and appointment scheduling.  

It will show you how far the patients trust their doctor, the amount of time the doctor allotted to the patients, and the keenness of the doctor to answer the patient’s questions. 

Know the details of your insurance coverage 

Your insurance cover is one thing that you need to consider. You would want to pay the least from your pocket and get the most benefits. So, you need a hospital that comes within the network hospitals of your health insurance. When you choose an oncologist from the plan, you still need to think about the hospital quality, outcomes, experience, and credentials. 

The bottom line 

And that’s it! This was all you needed to know about selecting the best oncologist in the country. Hopefully, you will find it easier to choose the right oncologist near you after reading the tips. So, go ahead and find the proper treatment to be on the path to recovery.

By Russell Crowe

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