People use back traction devices for both preventing back strain related injuries or to treat abnormalities in the back that cause pain.  Spine or back traction is a type of decompression therapy meant to relieve or reduce pressure on your spine. Chiropractors may do this manually, but also there are mechanical devices that can be used in offices or at home.  Back traction devices have been used to treat sciatica, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, numbness due to pinched nerves, and a plethora of other conditions with origins in the spine.  These devices range in prices and function, but there are many that can be purchased for use in the home.  Some examples are:

  1. Inversion devices are some of the cheapest back traction devices (and probably best known) that actually have been known to provide relief.  They can be purchased online, and are relatively affordable.  But unfortunately, there many negative side effects.
  2. Portable traction devices like Lo-Bak TRAX are cheap, can be purchased through QVC or lifestyle stores.  When used regularly, consistently, and correctly they can help to prevent stress and promote healthy posture.
  3. Lumbar mats are small enough to fit in the home, easy to put down and take up, and have great user reviews for efficacy.

We developed the Lumbarest back traction mat so that it can be placed on the floor or any flat surface.  Our foam “pillows” apply pressure in those spots that are problematic, and helps to not only properly align the back region but also treat herniated disks by applying alternative pressure to the region.  When the swelling reduces, spinal fluid is able to flow correctly and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the spine and central nervous system.


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