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Spain is a yoga hotspot for yoga lovers and yoga teachers alike. The country is home to some of the best yoga teacher training programs, and people from worldwide come to Spain every year to learn how to become certified yoga instructors. Not only are there great yoga courses in Spain, but also beautiful scenery and a rich history that will make your experience as an international student even better!

What is Yoga, and what are its benefits?

Yoga is an old art style that has roots in the Indian yoga tradition. It consists of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation or relaxation techniques to help improve posture and flexibility and other health benefits like balance, self-awareness, stress relief, improved energy levels and weight loss. Yoga can help relieve pain associated with arthritis or lower back problems while enhancing the range of motion for those recovering from injuries such as whiplash. Studies suggest Yoga may also positively impact mental disorders, including anxiety and depression, by helping people cope better with these conditions through acceptance.

Yoga in Spain – a brief history of the practice

Yoga has roots in the Indian yoga tradition, and it’s been practised for over five thousand years. It was first introduced to Western society more than sixty-five years ago by a yoga master named Indra Devi, who published the book ” Forever Young, Forever Healthy” about yoga asanas (postures) and various other teachings of Yoga in English.

The practice started spreading through Europe before reaching Spain, where the Asociación Española de Yoga opened its doors on August 15th 1993, with an initial membership of 200 people – this number rose to 4000 just one year; later!

Later that decade, more than 2000 registered yoga teachers worldwide, so Spanish associations are still so significant today. They provide their yoga teachers with information and training courses on yoga teaching, yoga therapy, or anatomy.

Why choose to learn Yoga in Spain?

Spain is a yoga hotspot, and there are many reasons you should consider travelling to Spain for your yoga course.

Firstly, the Spanish Association of Yoga Teachers offers classes in yoga teaching certified by EAYT, which means students can be assured that they will receive an internationally recognized qualification once they complete their studies. With such a high demand for yoga teachers right now, it’s essential to make sure your stuff will come with international recognition! A comprehensive level three yoga course consists of 1500 hours over six years (250 hours per year) whilst classes go from 09:00 – 18:00 each day, so this could be quite intensive if you’re not used to long days. Don’t worry as at least a half-an-hour is reserve for lunch!

Secondly, yoga courses in Spain are highly affordable. Whilst other countries charge upwards of $1000 per year for yoga certification programs, the Spanish Association of Yoga Teachers offers a six-year program that costs just €200 annually – this is still expensive. Still, it’s much more convenient to afford, and you know your yoga qualification will be recognized internationally, which is essential if you plan on teaching abroad after completing your course.

Thirdly, there’s a rich history within Spain regarding Yoga with beautiful scenery and lots of activities during the day such as sailing or fishing. You can enjoy yourself whilst learning new skills, making getting certified an unforgettable experience like no other.


This post has provided you with a plethora of information on Yoga. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, many benefits come with learning yoga in Spain and taking part in one of the top training programs available. The yoga teachers training in Spain are recognized internationally and are very affordable to attend, so there’s no excuse not to start yoga today. They also provide yoga certification, yoga therapy and yoga anatomy courses. Keep these details in mind while you continue to research your own needs and explore all the options at hand. If you discover this post is helpful, please share it so others can learn about Spanish Yoga!

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