Technology is fast becoming a threat to privacy rather than a possible solution. Technological innovation has outpaced our privacy protections. As a result, our digital footprint can be tracked by the big corporations in ways that were once unthinkable. This digital footprint is constantly growing, containing more and more data about the most intimate aspects of our lives allowing social media to become notorious and track online activities of users and harvesting personal information which even your family members do not know about.

Privacy is about being able to keep certain intimate things to yourself – your conversations, your thoughts, your plans, your experiences. Facebook’s current mission statement is to “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”. Sounds noble and benefitting for the world, right? But a coin has two sides, what about giving people the basic right to disconnect from toxic or undesirable relationships? No one wants to be forced to be with people they fear, dislike, or want to keep at a distance for professional or personal reasons.

Big tech giants acquiring our data want it for sinful purposes; to export our secrets to organizations like insurance companies, advertisers – which these organizations use to profile us, influence our minds and try to sell us things we’re not interested in buying.

Over the years and the evolution of the internet, the people have become mere USERS and DATA SUBJECTS for these internet giants to exploit. It’s time to pull the plug back from these tech giants on their source of Power – Our Data.

There are many ways in which our privacy is being taken away from us. The lack of privacy may sometimes feel inevitable, but it needn’t be so. Although there are data collection practices almost impossible to avoid, what if you had a place of your own on the internet. A place created by you, accessed only by you, controlled by you. A place where people can interact with their Inner circle without worrying about if their conversations are being heard, their pictures are being seen and used by advertisers – to nullify any sort of privacy on the internet. is focused on giving consumers a private place on the internet where consumers can share, chat and call people who matter most to them, store their valuable documents and precious photos. All of this without any fear of surveillance and getting analyzed by any person or organization. No one else can come in, spy on or access your digital home but you. Not even Houm Technology.

You can build a Houm and experience the product at or Android or iOS.


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