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The immune system is designed to defend against foreign microorganisms whenever they attack the immune system or the whole body. This process is called the immune response. Sometimes many healthy cells are caught up in this process resulting in autoimmune diseases. The disorder happens when the immune system cannot define between foreign and own body cells. In this way, the immunity system has its own healthy cells, which leads to autoimmune disorders.

To improve the immunity system of the individual many Immune Health specialists prescribe medications with some physical exercise and a proper diet. This blog is all about the causes, examples, and treatment of autoimmune disorders.

Causes of autoimmune diseases – 

    • The exact reason behind the autoimmune disease is said to be unknown. Some theory says that bacteria and virus-like microorganisms or drugs may trigger the changes happening around the body, which may confuse the immune system and lead to disorders. The chances are high with people having more prone to autoimmune diseases. The exact Root Cause of Auto-immune Symptoms is still full of confusion and many more questions. 
    • In short, the low or hyperactivity of the immune system leads to this kind of disorder. The overly active immune system attacks the body and damages its own healthy tissues. The misconception about the immune system leads to many fatal diseases. 
    • Immune deficiency diseases decrease the body’s ability to fight foreign objects and increase the chance of infections and many more serious internal organ damages. In this case, instead of fighting the infection, it begins producing antibodies and attacks its own tissues.
    • The inheritance of certain genes increases the chances of autoimmune disorders in an individual. The combination of these kinds of genes and many other factors trigger many diseases to start. 
    • One other cause can be environmental factors, such as certain events and environmental exposure. Sometimes these factors worsen the condition and take the patient’s life path towards death. 

Symptoms –

    • Rapid weight gain
    • Pain and swelling in the joint areas
    • Skin issues
    • Abdominal pain
    • Digestive issues
    • Fever
    • Nausea
    • Uncomfortableness
    • Weakness
    • Swollen glands
    • Inactiveness

Examples –  More than 80 types of autoimmune diseases affect the different parts of the body. Some common diseases of them are – 

    1. Type 1 diabetes
    2. Rheumatoid arthritis
    3. Psoriasis
    4. Multiple sclerosis
    5. Inflammatory bowel disease
    6. Grave’s disease etc.

Treatment – 

There are no such cures for these diseases, but symptoms can be managed, and the immunity system can be improved. The treatment of every patient is different from others as the genetic and environmental factor of everyone is unique. The treatment generally focuses on reducing the immunity system activity. Avoiding and protecting yourself from infections, stress, medications, and UV rays may decrease the danger of it.

    Guidelines to strengthen the immune system – 

The right diet will help in easing the inflammation and heal the autoimmune disease. Avoiding the habit of eating too much eating of canned, processed, and higher-calorie food may decrease the percentage. Eating vegetables, fruits, and homemade foods with fresh edible oils will improve the immune system. Some other suggestions to follow are – 

    1. Stop smoking
    2. Follow a healthy diet
    3. Do regular exercise and yoga
    4. Maintain the basic height and weight
    5. Drink moderate amounts of alcohol
    6. Sleep adequately
    7. Wash and sanitize hands frequently
    8. Wear breathable and clean clothes
    9. Cook food properly
    10. Maintain environmental and personal hygiene

By maintaining some precautionary steps and following the above guidelines, you can improve your immunity system. If any symptoms happen, book an appointment with Immune System Health Specialist then and there. The delay in the process may lead to serious health concerns. 


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