Where To Find Made-In-Oklahoma Products In Oklahoma City

Are you in Oklahoma city, trying to get some locally made products as souvenirs? Or you are an Oklahoman and wish to support local businesses by purchasing locally made Oklahoma city products? If yes, you might have noticed the difficulty of getting original Oklahoma city products. Most outlets that claim to sell locally made products, such as souvenir shops, do not sell them. If you check the description on the back of these products, you will find that they were made outside Oklahoma City. This article seeks to provide you and other Oklahomans searching for locally made products with verifiable locations of shops where,

You can find made-in-Oklahoma products in Oklahoma City.

DNA Gallery

Located at the District Plaza, this shop stands out among other shops in the plaza. DNA Galleries is one of the verified one-stop shops for locally made Oklahoma city products. You can get products such as clothes, local art, and other accessories, all of which were made right here in Oklahoma City. Whenever you find yourself in and around District Plaza and need locally-made Oklahoma city gifts, you can trust that the DNA Galleries will offer some.

Scissortail Gifts

If a gift shop specializing in locally-made Oklahoma city gifts is your priority, we can confidently recommend Scissortail Gifts. Scissortail Gifts has an extensive option for made-in Oklahoma city gifts. The store has a dedicated room for Oklahoma-themed Christmas gifts. If you are also a fan of the Sooner Folks and Cowpokes, you will love Scissortail Gifts, as the store has souvenirs and accessories.
The store also sells coffee mugs, MIO salsas, cutting boards, and soaps, all made in Oklahoma. The shop is located in downtown Sante Fe around the old train station.

The Tilted Tulip

This store is a fashion shop and focuses on selling quality Oklahoma-made dresses and fashion items. Owned by a woman and voted the Best Boutique in Moore, 2017, Tilted Tulip has a lot of quirky and trendy fashion items that are not commonplace. With the Oklahoma city products sold at Tilted Tulip, you can give your wardrobe a new look and facelift.
The products available for sale at the store include handmade leather bags and jewelry made by popular designer Kelley Williams. The Tilted Tulip is located off SW 134th and Western Avenue, in the Stonebriar Shopping Center, right next to Blue Bean Coffee Company.

Oklahoma Shirt Company

This is another store that focuses on locally made fashion items, but this time, they are t-shirts. You can get t-shirts of great quality at this store, especially those that feature facts and pictures about Oklahoma City. Apart from its store, Oklahoma Shirt Company also markets its products at trade fairs and festivals. You may find the store’s product at the Affair of the Heart, Rush Springs Watermelon Festival, and The State Fair of Oklahoma.
The shirts from the store cost only $10, and you can also order for your friend or family members to get the shirt delivered to them.

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