WhatsApp business features

With more than 1.3 billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the best marketing applications available. Moreover, the excellent WhatsApp business features make the platform more prevalent in the business sector.

With features like catalogues, template messages, and extensive profiles, the WhatsApp business enables enterprises to interact with their customers. Moreover, it guarantees a great omnichannel customer experience because it can combine conversations across multiple platforms into a single interface.

The article will highlight the top WhatsApp business features and how they help businesses generate more leads.

Features of Whatsapp Business API

WhatsApp is developing into an incredible online store, even during odd hours. With a WhatsApp chatbot, businesses can send crucial information about their service and products to customers.

Here are some of the top features of the WhatsApp Business app by which businesses can make the most out of their marketing campaigns:

Business Profile

With a WhatsApp business account, you can make a business profile by adding crucial details like your address, company description, email address, and website. Doing this can make a business win a user’s loyalty with the help of business accounts. Also, you need to obtain a “verified” badge next to the company name since WhatsApp generally certifies that this is a verified business account. 

Welcome message

Instant messaging lets you warmly welcome and introduce a business to a new potential client without waiting or delays. Also, with WhatsApp for business, you can write a personalised welcome message for your customers that they will see when they first contact your business. 

Rapid Responses

WhatsApp business offers regular communications that address frequently asked questions. You can quickly save and repeat commonly sent messages with quick replies to respond to typical inquiries. You need to press “/” on your keyboard to pick up and send a rapid response.

Statistical Information

You can get critical data using WhatsApp for Business, including the number of messages sent, delivered, and read. WhatsApp business statistics give you insight into the engagement and experience of your clients.

How does the WhatsApp Business lead to Business Growth?

WhatsApp business features provide numerous marketing opportunities and customer support to enhance the user experience. Additionally, WhatsApp is a versatile and successful marketing medium for connecting with your connections on a personal level. All the WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, making it the safest platform for users.

From a business perspective, it helps in securing critical information like password resets. Finally, to encourage recipients to engage with the campaign and buy goods and services, there are CTAs, links, images, videos, files, and more.

Enable WhatsApp Business API for your Organisation!

As you can see, WhatsApp business features make integration very worthwhile. With a good service provider, you will undergo a speedy and simple setup and authentication process before being all set to send messages.  Then, you link your marketing platform to the WhatsApp business API and WhatsApp business account through the provider. 

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