Every electrical engineer worth his or her salt knows the importance of choosing the right kind of industrial electrical transformer for their specific project. But what does this mean, exactly? Does it simply come down to picking the one with the highest wattage rating? Or are there other factors that must be taken into account before you can determine which industrial electrical transformer will best suit your needs? To help you pick out your next industrial electrical transformer, we’ve put together the following guide, complete with helpful tips and tricks for choosing an industrial electrical transformer that’s just right for you.

The first thing to look at when picking a transformer

Industrial transformers are a crucial component of your electrical system and should be picked wisely. When choosing a transformer, you need to know that there are two main types of them: core and coil. Core transformers have a large cylindrical structure while coil transformers have smaller coils inside. There are also different ways in which they can be used depending on their voltage, capacity, and insulation needs. You may want to consult an electrical parts supplier for help when picking a transformer or if you need any other information.

What are the different types?

There are three main types of industrial electrical transformers: high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage. High-voltage transformers supply power at voltages of 600kV or higher and have capacities greater than 1000MVA. Medium-voltage transformers supply power at voltages of 200kV to 600 kV and have capacities greater than 100 MVA. Low-voltage transformers supply power at voltages less than 200kV and have capacities less than 100 MVA.

Where are industrial electrical transformers used?

Transformer faults are usually preceded by a breakdown in one of the electrical parts. So, it’s important that you work with an electrical parts supplier that can provide you with quality replacement parts and offer assistance when you need it. Check out

Is there anything I should avoid?

No matter what industrial electrical transformer you’re looking for, our team at Electrical Parts Supplier can help. We provide a wide range of industrial electrical transformers, including full-wave and half-wave rectifiers, shunt reactors and more. All of our products come with an industry leading 2-year warranty. So if you’re in need of a high-quality electrical transformer that’s guaranteed to last, look no further than Electrical Parts Supplier.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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