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You have seen that while using YouTube some videos are private on YouTube so here I will tell you how to watch private YouTube videos.

To watch private YouTube videos there are three tricks. 

The first this is, if you ever in the past watched any private video but now you are unable to watch that again so go to your setting and view cache videos after finding the videos transfer them into MP4 and after that, you will be able to watch this private video again even if you are offline. 

Watch Private Videos by Changing URLs

To view private YouTube videos by changing URLs. You open your YouTube private video then change the URL and remove the watch from the prime video and hit the continue button and you will be able to watch it. Many users have said that it is a workable method but still I am not giving any assurance if it will work or not but you can give it a try and see whether it is working for you or not. If it does not work then use the other given method.

Ask for Permission from the Owner of the Video

In this method, private videos are for a few users or viewers. To watch private videos contact the holder of that YouTube account video, message him on any other platform you know that he is there by sending him your email address. Then he will add you to that few viewers list after that you will be able to watch it. 

Why Creators Set Video on Private

A question comes into your mind: why are there some videos that are private on YouTube and why cannot we watch it? Here is the answer to your question the account holder wants to view this video to only limited uses and restrict it to other ones without any permission or authority link. No one can watch these videos. If you try to find this video in a search engine then it is not going to work. Privacy strictness on YouTube is very significant. YouTube does not take any chances with viewers’ data and information. 

Unlisted vs Private vs Public

YouTube has three categories for videos: one is public, the second is private, and the third is unlisted. One knows what is a public video that anyone can watch on YouTube. Private videos are videos that only a fewer weavers can watch with permission from the video holder. Now let’s see what is the unlisted video on YouTube. 

Unlisted videos are those videos for which you have a link and you will not find this video in your searches or as your recommended videos. But this video is not like private videos. If you have a link to this unlisted video then you can share it with anyone and anyone can watch it but the condition is you can watch this video only if you have a link to the specific video.  

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Wrap up

Hope you have found the answer to your question about how to see a private YouTube video. Some videos are private because of the terms and conditions that are mentioned by the YouTube authority. Even after this if you have permission then you can access these videos without any problem. If you have read this article till the end then you will not face any issues in accessing the private videos on any YouTube channel. Try it and what is there in private videos.

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