How To Make Your Own Hamper Box?
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Do you have someone in your life that has everything they could ever want? You may feel stuck on what to get them as a gift. We are here to help you figure out what to get them with our hamper box guide! Getting something useful and something you know they will love means thinking outside the box and ensuring that your gift will make their life easier or better. We know it’s hard to figure out what exactly goes into one of these gift baskets or hamper boxes, but don’t worry; we’re here to help you solve this problem!

Why you should consider making your hamper box

Nowadays, we have so many options when it comes to buying gifts. But if you want to give something that will be memorable and personal, consider creating your hamper box as the perfect present. To create your own hamper box is not only an easy way to create something meaningful, but it also gives you an excuse to shop at all your favorite stores!

What makes for a good hamper box

A good hamper box has items that the recipient will use. Many people are on the go and can’t stop by their house to get those things they need, so it’s nice to have something in their car or carry-on bag ready when they need it. If you know what soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc., they use, then you can get a sample size from that company and put it in the hamper.

Teething Toy

A teething toy is the perfect example of an item that will be used every day, and you can rest easy knowing it’s something they will love. A handmade teething toy, such as Etsy, makes for a thoughtful and valuable gift.

Face Mask

An excellent way to get something they will use, and love is to give them their favorite face mask. It’s something that they would buy if they had the money or time but might not think of on their own.

Engraved Keychain

A keyring is not only useful, but it’s also something that they can show off and brag about because engraved keyrings are becoming increasingly rare. -You can get one made with their name, initials, or any other little phrase on it so that they will have something to remind them of you every time they use their keys. -This gift is perfect for people who love home décor as much as you do because it will give them more excuses to go shopping with you.

Knitted Fabric Toy

One of my favorite ideas is making a knitted fabric toy. Not only are they adorable and fun, but they are also very easy to create! With some simple knitting skills and materials, a knitted fabric toy can be made in less than an hour. Or you can take it from Mama Jewels to create your own hamper box.

Baby Bump Massage Oil

I love the idea of baby bump massage oil included in the gift hamper box for the mama-to-be. It is made with essential oils and safe for use during pregnancy. It will remind them about you whenever they use it as it smells so good!

 Baby Soap and lotion

When buying gifts, get something that will be useful and also something they’ll love. For example, if you’re buying for a new mom, baby soap and lotion are always good choices.

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