What Documents Do I Need For A Number Plate?

Getting number plates for a vehicle isn’t difficult only you need to follow a few simple steps and provide crucial documents confirming your identity needed for the approval. If you provide all these documents on-time without any difficulty, surely things will be good for you and you don’t need to face any complexity while getting the plates.

In contrast, you may have to face number of difficulties if you don’t have proper identity documents. If you are thinking that only ID card confirms the identity for getting number plates, then you are wrong. There are number of more ways which you can confirm the identity and get 4D car number plates without any hassle.

Check out in-depth detail below.

Documents Needed To Get Number Plates For Vehicle

According to the government licensing act 2001, you need to prove your identity and entitlement in order to ensure the number plates for your vehicle. For this, you can provide below listed documents or any two of these. Then, you will be identified with the document and be provided with the number plates.

See the documents carefully.

  • Electricity bill, gas bill, telephone or landline bill
  • Passport
  • National ID card issued by the government
  • Debit card or credit card issued by the government
  • Bank annual statement
  • Vehicle authorization certificate (V948)
  • Vehicle license renewal form (V11)
  • Registration certificate of vehicle (V5C)

These documents are acceptable by DVLA to provide you with number plates. Submit the documents you have online or at the department office. You will be identified then, and after fulfilling a few simple steps you will get the 4D car number plates at the end.

Note that if you are getting personalized number plates, you will also need to follow the same procedure. The only difference is that you need to pay some extra fee for the sake of personalized number and that’s all. After getting number registered, connect with an ideal manufacturer which is providing you with excellent quality plates and be good to go.

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Final Thoughts

We shared all the documents list from which you can use any two for the sake of identification. Because you will only get the number plates when your identity is confirmed among DVLA. You can also connect with a best number plates manufacturers in this regard mentioned above in the article.

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