How To Make A Hoodie Look Smaller?
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A workwear hoodie is a comfortable and practical outfit that makes workers look professional. Workers who have an option to go with a relaxed dress code can pick workwear hoodie. But hoodies are genuinely baggy and look big. You can find some attractive and cozy worker hoodies at Workwear Global that is an online store offering quality items including hoodies at an affordable cost. Moreover, their fast delivery is amazing for people living away from marketplaces.

Coming back to hoodies, the common question that arises is there any technique to make them look smaller and smarter?

Why not? We can help you with some tricks to make baggy and huge hoodies look smaller. Stay with us to find incredible tips and tricks to make hoodies appear smaller.

Tips to make hoodie look smart and small

Following are some tips to wear hoodies and appear smart.

1. Hood down

Hoodies are baggy and huge so if you are a smart and slim person then it is better to keep your hood down. Wearing a hood appears more hoodie and less you. So, keeping the hood down with make your body prominent and less garment entrapped around you.

2. Roll up the sleeves

Similar to the hood, minimizing the hood cover on your body can make you look good. Try all the ways to show your body and reduce hoodie volume. To do so, you can fold your sleeves with the long fold. It is a common technique among youth to make hoodies smaller.

3. Wash and shrink

Hoodies made up of cotton or wool are not usually shrink before preparation. So, you can wash it with warm water and then send it to a dry cleaner twice or thrice to reduce its volume. It will also work for old garments so you can also make your baggy and high-volume hoodies small now.

4. Dark colors

Pick the hoodies with dark colors because it appears to take up small space and volume. You can find dark color hoodies at Workwear Global online shop. Besides this, if you have a light or dim color hoodie then you can dye it at any local fabric dye stop. It will cost a small amount and your hoodie will be converted into a dark color making it more attractive and smaller.

5. Make a new style

No doubt, hoodies have a huge volume but wearing them with yoga pants and leggings can give an astonishing look. Make a unique and attractive combination with hoodies to make it look smaller.


In a nutshell, making a small change in wearing patterns can make your bulky hoodie look smaller. Our tips include picking a dark color hoodie, washing and shrinking it, wearing a hoodie with yoga pants or leggings, rolling your sleeves up, keeping the hood down, and observing your gestures in the mirror.

We hope you will appear more attractive and your hoodie will give a unique appearance with less volume and bulkiness. Try it today!

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