Pinterest has risen one of the most powerful social media platforms in terms of average order value (beating Facebook). Pinterest can be an excellent fit for stores that sell physical goods, showing the product images and various ways to use Pinterest for WooCommerce Stores. Using the Pinterest for WooCommerce alliance to combine store with 250 million regularly existing users for impressions, influence, and branding is an exceptional, proven approach for product advertisements and traffic.

Key Features Of The Pinterest WooCommerce Extension:

  • A healthy relationship between WooCommerce and Pinterest.
  • Enlist your complete WooCommerce product list on the feed within moments.
  • Attach new products automatically to boards.
  • Open Graph raises your product images and makes them reach out.
  • Users can save product images on their Pinterest boards.
  • All Pin includes a link to the product on your website.
  • Handle all your Pins in one place and sync images, pricing, and product details instantly
  • Apply the tag to hunt conversions.

There are two ways to combine Pinterest with WooCommerce Store. You can go from WordPress to Pinterest, executing alliances that improve your WordPress content get shared more often and more prominently on it. The tactics which will be highly convenient with this way of conjunction are:

  • Pin-it buttons
  • Follow buttons
  • Custom share images for Pinterest

Apart from the process mentioned above, you can go the other way and bring its content onto your WordPress by setting specific Pinterest board feeds on your WordPress site. You can do it with plugins with rigid codes without a plugin.

You are adding one Pinterest Pin-It Button. Once you connect and activate the plugin, attend the new Pinterest Pin It Button right within the WordPress dashboard. At the highest, choose whether or to not reveal the self Pin-it turn on pages or posts.

If anyone wants to explain a Pin-it button whenever a user hangs over an image, In the PinIt Button settings, scroll below and use Show Pin It Button On, Image Hover, configuring the quantity and value of the button.

Then, save your settings from activating the Pin-it button pieces.

How to Attach a Pinterest Follow Me Button in WooCommerce

If anyone wanted to feature an easy button that lets your visitors follow you on Pinterest, visit the traditional widgets area by getting to Appearance → Widgets and configuring the panel’s options.

How to Insert a Pinterest Board in WordPress

Combining a Pinterest board to a WordPress site is super simple. All one must do is insert a board onto your WordPress page without applying a plugin.

  • First, Continue to the board on Pinterest which you want to set.
  • Then click on the dots and go to the ‘Make A Widget.’
  • Copy the code provided to your clipboard.
  • To attach a Widget, just go to Appearance -> Widget. Attach a text widget to the relevant widget section and fix the code in the text widget. Keep the changes to obtain it live on your WordPress site.

What is Pinterest WooCommerce Product Feed:

Pinterest WooCommerce Product Feed is a product feed that will show after run a Pinterest ads campaign in the user profile when they visit its news feed.

After complete the integration process you can run your Pinterest shopping campaign. To run the shopping ads you just need to configure the pct details correctly. You can add your product manually or you can manage it with a plugin. You can use CTX product feed to manage it. CTX Feed is a WooCommerce product feed plugin. You can use the free version of the plugins to generate your product feed.


This plugin allows WooCommerce owners to sync Pinterest features onto their websites, calibrating them with accelerated sales and traction from the Pinterest audience. Who can optimize them onto blog sites where owners can leverage them as widgets, utilize them for increased traffic, and provide the clientele with an immersive user experience. If you want to learn WooCommerce then you can join 99 Digital Academy for advanced digital marketing course.

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