7 Digital Marketing Tips

Google’s search engine results page is a common ground for companies big and small. Here, the scale of business hardly matters. What truly makes sense is how optimised your website is for the search engines with the help of these 7 digital marketing tips. That’s the only way to go ahead in the competition, beat your rivals and mark your supremacy over others.

The good news is that no matter how challenging it might seem, it’s achievable. With the year 2021 bringing forth new opportunities with itself, there’s every impetus to try and gain leads. Pincreate, a digital marketing bureau operating from Denmark, has got a few hacks to share. Follow them to rise up the SERP and establish your presence globally or locally, whatever deems fit.

1. Abide by the AIDA formula

AIDA is an acronym of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Marketing specialists recommend brands to follow each of them to ensure their strategy works. For instance, draw the ‘attention’ of people by convincing them of your product/ service to be a potential solution. Make your company’s information available to them by evoking interest. Persuade them about your product to be scarce and the only solution to their problems. Lastly, induce them to buy your products or spend on your services. If you can abide by all four points, expect your business to thrive this year and beyond.

2. Novel content

While it’s completely fine to invest your intelligence in informative content such as blogs and articles, we suggest you create more engaging content. By this, we are indicating the write-ups that have novel content where there are loads of quizzes, polls and contests. The intention is to get your audience to speak or share their opinion. You may also try out ‘expiring content’ which evokes a sense of urgency. For instance, add a discount code to entice your customers to come back to your social media page. Proceed likewise across other platforms.

3. Make the most of LSAs (Local Services Ads)

Much like Google Ads, LSAs help brands to reach out to their audience. However, unlike the former, you have to pay for relevant leads and not clicks. You can start by setting a weekly budget, disregard the leads that are irrelevant and end up generating more leads than usual. However, this particular tactic is recommended for large businesses so take action accordingly.

4. Email strategy optimization in Digital Marketing:

Email marketing is here to stay. That’s because research has revealed that it has created quite a stir by engaging customers. The past year has been a witness to this emerging trend. Another thrilling finding, worth mentioning, is the highest return on investment from such a marketing strategy. This works for all businesses, both big and small. However, the latter has to craft the email with engaging and concise content. This isn’t enough though. Segmentation of email marketing strategy to match the interests of customers is equally important. For instance, the best way to lure shoppers who have left items in their cart is by promoting the holiday season offers. Likewise, target different customers differently.

5. Spend time on video marketing:

Whether you are creating a live video or a branded one, make sure to pour all your creativity into it. That’s because the strategy has helped many businesses earn quite a few leads. And the best thing is that it takes nothing but a good camera and a microphone to start with. For a professional-looking one, you can think of hiring an SEO bureau, who will not only create one for you but also optimise the video content with high-ranking keywords to make it work for you. A small word of advice for those planning to design a branded video is to spend time and resource on how-to videos or those having a product description. You can never go wrong with such an idea!

6. Learn to differentiate between branding and marketing

It’s easy to confuse between the two and use them interchangeably. But remember, branding entails your logo, website design and the message you wish to communicate to your audience. On the contrary, marketing indicates reinforcing the brand message through campaigns like social media marketing. In plain and simple words, it’s a blatant promotion of content.

7. Make a smart move with SEO

SEO is here and for good. An SEO strategy makes great sense and there is assured success in the long term. From Google indexing to segmenting queries, SEO bureaus take every step to help businesses rank on the SERP. Yours should not be any different!

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