iPhone Text Messages Not Sending

It is disastrous when an intended message doesn’t reach the other person. Since a lot of this messaging has come down to technology itself, it is likely that your iPhone is unable to deliver your text messages. This could be attributed to various reasons, for instance, network, signal as well as some configurational problems. When you send a message from an iPhone, it is delivered to other iPhone users via Apple servers as an iMessage and to Android phone users via carriers’ networks as an SMS text message.

The inability of the iPhone to send text messages may therefore be due to problems with both Apple’s iMessaging service and the carriers’ networks. In this article, I will try to answer why my iPhone is not sending text messages. So, stick to the end. 

Message Send failure iPhone: How to fix

1. Check for better network

Sometimes bad weather, internet hackers, or a remote location can interfere with your service connection. Try moving to a location with better reception if the reception is bad or nonexistent. If you are in an area where the signal is normally strong, call your mobile network provider. Also, it could be perhaps due to the outrage from the side of your ISP . To find out, look for outages in your area on the website of your service provider. If there are any outages, you can receive a text message alert before or after the issue is resolved.

2. Make sure your phone is not in Airplane mode

One of the things that Airplane mode does to your phone is kind of set it to a do not disturb mode when you are connected to the Cellular signal. Unless you switch to a Wifi network, iMessage won’t be able to send or receive messages. 

iPhone not receiving texts from android: How to fix

1. Ensure that Group messaging is on

When it comes to sending messages from iPhone to iPhone, iMessage facilitates it. However, in the case of android phones if you haven’t enabled group texts for SMS then you will not be able to see the messages from the Android device. 

2. Deleting older message threads

If you have a ton of old text messages on your phone, it’s possible that your iPhone isn’t receiving texts from Android. Such text messages might not be a problem while corresponding with iPhone users because you might receive an iMessage as opposed to a regular text message.

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