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Whether you are writing a fiction story or if you are writing some story or other thing you might face difficulties in selecting the fictional names for your story. 

But you are not required to worry because in this blog we are going to tell you about some cool short last names which you can use for your fiction. 

If you are hoping to find the perfect name for your character then you are going to find the names in this blog. In this blog we are going to tell you some names for girls and boys characters or genres like – 

  • Action 
  • Adventure 
  • Mystery 
  • Thriller 
  • Fantasy
  • Romance 
  • Sci-fi 

We have put up a list for unique last names about last names unique which you can use or take into consideration for selecting your character’s name. 

So, let us get started and begin with it. 

Cool Last Name for Girl Characters 

Name – Meaning 

  • Amana – integrity, faithful, trust 
  • Barlowe – lives on the hill 
  • Caddel – battle 
  • Fox – cunning 
  • Francis – free 
  • Hart – stag, strong, brave 
  • Hendrix – ruler of the home 
  • Katz – priest of justice 
  • Laurier – bay tree 
  • Madden – little dog 
  • Sai – to order, to send 
  • Villarreal – royal settlement 
  • Viotto – life 

Cool Last Names for the Guy Characters 

Here are some cool last names for boys which you can use for your male characters.

Name – Meaning  

  • Abraham – father of nations 
  • Ashford – edge of a sword 
  • Benjamin – son of my right hand 
  • Boone – good, a blessing 
  • Elrod – god is the king 
  • Frederick – peaceful ruler 
  • Hale – hero, from the hall 
  • Langston – from the tall man’s tower 
  • Levisay – dear victory 
  • McElfresh – son of the brindled lad 
  • Trevino – leaves at a place where boundaries meet 
  • Whitlock – white hair 
  • Yarbrough – earthworks 

Cool Last Names for Adventures for Characters 

Here are some cool and aesthetic last names which you can use for your fictional characters. 

Name – meaning 

  • Amos – to carry 
  • Beam – one who lives by a post or tree 
  • Dash – from the ash 
  • Duke – leader 
  • Fleet – stream, estuary 
  • Jian – simple, uncomplicated 
  • Moses – to draw out of water 
  • Pierce – rock 
  • Sharp – Keen, quick 
  • Singh – lion 
  • Stallard – valliant, resolute 
  • West – from the west 

Cool last names for mystery or thriller characters of your story 

If you are creating a character for mystery or thriller story then here are suggestions for your character’s names which are also cool last names.  

Name – meaning 

  • Crawford – crowfoot 
  • Ellis – benevolent 
  • Finch – swindle
  • Menken – comforter 
  • Simmons – victorious protector 
  • Under grove – a grove of shrubs beneath tall tress 
  • Vandenberg – from the mountain 
  • Webb – weaver of cloth 
  • Cyprus – fair 
  • Dagon – to be cut open 
  • Einar – bold warrior 
  • Gallio – who lives on milk 
  • Griffin – dangerous 
  • Light foot – a messenger or a nimble runner 
  • Luna – moon 
  • Sierra – mountain range 

So, these were some last names along with their meanings which you can use for your fictional characters or you can also take help from these names and create a new name yourself. 

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By Shan Ali

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