Giving shine to some white sneakers

The first thing I must say is that these tricks are valid for shoes of any color. What happens is that the white tone is the most delicate and critical to care for. What applies to the bank sure applies to any other.

In this post we are going to talk about how to clean and cream white Dolce Vita Shoes. In reality, the color is not so decisive, but what is certain is that white sneakers are especially delicate when it comes to shoes cleaning them, giving them cream and taking care of them on a day-to-day basis.

The first symptom that this type of footwear in particular usually gives, and white shoes in general, is that the white tone begins to take on a yellowish hue as the footwear ages.

The first task that we must carry out on the shoes is to eliminate any trace of unnecessary accessories, such as laces (or any other lacing system), as well as insoles or any other accessory element.

Cleaning tips for leather shoes or sneakers

No washing machines

The first thing is to say what not to do: never wash the shoes in the washing machine. Even less do it with very hot water temperature.

Undress the slipper

First of all we remove the templates or layers of protection that may be inside. Eliminate the cordonera, or where appropriate, any other fastening or closure system that we can uninstall from the shoe shell. Once we have eliminated all these accessory elements, we will proceed to clean them apart from that of the footwear itself.

Remove Velcro

If this is the case, the Velcro strips must be released and glued again outside the ring. Here we can make an exception and introduce them directly into the soapy water to clean the skin and the special material that allows its adherence.

Without water

We are talking about shoes made of leather or similar materials. It is essential that we never use abundant water or that we are going to submerge them in water. We must clean the footwear dry or with the minimum amount of water possible. This means that we can use cloths moistened with water, but never immerse the footwear directly inside the vessel.

Cleaning the corners

With a bucket of warm water and soap, provided with a soft brush or toothbrush in disuse, we must clean all the ins and outs of the shoes, whether it is inside or outside.

We must pay attention to the seam and the holes that there are to cool the cyclist’s foot. It is very important to point out that the water should only be lukewarm, and that the toothbrush should be soft, in this way we will avoid damaging the surface of the shoe leather.


Once the meticulous work is finished, we can now use a cloth or sponge to rinse and remove the remains of the soap. Avoid introducing footwear directly into the water. At this point we can use a soft bristle brush to remove all traces of soap and leave the shoes as clean as possible.


Once the shoes are very clean, we will proceed to dry them by putting any type of cellulose paper inside, such as toilet paper or kitchen paper. Avoid using newsprint or magazine paper, as the printed ink can stain the skin.


With the shoes completely dry, we are going to proceed to dye and hydrate them with the appropriate specific products, but before this we should give them an ultra-deep cleaning by passing a very clean cloth partially soaked with a little alcohol, turpentine essence (turpentine). , methylated spirit (methanol) or make-up remover milk. They are all about good degreasers that will completely eliminate any trace of grease that may have been left on our white cycling shoes.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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