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Do you want to be an interior designer but don’t know where to begin?

Keep reading to know everything there is to know about pursuing an interior design career, including its demand, scope, and job prospects.

What is interior design?

Interior design is all about research, conceptual development, efficient planning, and a relaxed environment for customers. It’s about shaping and decorating indoor spaces with beautiful aesthetics.

By definition, ‘Interior design is a creative science that involves improving the interiors of a space to create a healthier and appealing environment.’


What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer has a professional interior design degree and is proficient in colours, fabrics, and furnishings. They collaborate with architects, engineers, and builders to design the aesthetic and functionality of interior spaces using their expertise in space planning, textiles, and colour palettes.


Why build an interior design career?

In India, interior design career professionals include architects, interior designers, artisans, and instructors who plan, design, and decorate interior spaces. The booming Indian real estate market, rising population, income growth, and urbanization contribute to the growth of interior design. Smart houses, social media, and changes in people’s living standards and lifestyles contribute to increased demand for interior design services.

In both commercial and residential settings, theme-based designs are becoming increasingly popular. Modern Mediterranean Style, European Style, and Ethnic Indian Style are three prominent design and decor themes.

Innovations are being explored to make homes more tech-friendly. Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the interior design market, making it easier for consumers and designers to see and explore

By 2025, the global interior design market is predicted to increase exponentially. Given the growing popularity of interior decoration, the demand for interior designers is expected to rise dramatically in the coming years. Schedule a Student Career Counseling visit to learn more about this career and its prospects.


Let’s look at some benefits of this profession:

  • Creative freedom
  • Potential for exponential growth
  • Demand is increasing.
  • Work schedule flexibility
  • Job satisfaction
  • Financial incentives

Is there a variance between interior decorators and interior designers?

The main difference between interior decorators and designers is their educational background. Decorators are those who enjoy experimenting with colours and textures. On the other hand, interior designers must have a certified academic qualification to function in the profession.

Interior designers have a variety of career options, such as:

  • Furniture designers
  • Kitchens and Bath designers
  • Corporate designers
  • Healthcare designers
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly space designers 
  • Light designers
  • Event designers

This is only a glimpse of the many career options available in interior design; you can learn more about them and choose your path. Seek student career counselling for more information.


Finally, is interior design the perfect career for you?

 Finding the right career is about more than just making money. It also requires thinking about a professional path that will satisfy you. A perfect job should be fascinating, inspiring you to go above and beyond the expected results. Choosing an interior design career is undoubtedly a significant decision that should be 

carefully studied. Many of us have personal drives and hobbies that push us toward a meaningful job, but we also need to work hard and be dedicated.

By Russell Crowe

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