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Windows Hosting is a perfect choice for you if you want to run services such as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, or some other Microsoft stack products for your site. In addition, using Windows Hosting, you can host your websites based on ASP.NET. Here we will discover some of the best servers so that you can choose a suitable Windows hosting server for your website.

What Is Cheap Windows Hosting? Is It Suitable for WordPress Sites?

Windows hosting is a website hosting running on Windows operating system. You can accept that almost all web hosting services operate on a Linux system, even if an operating system is not specified explicitly. However, the Windows hosting server is mainly used to operate a site that operates on Windows technology, including Therefore, while you can opt for host a WordPress site using a Windows operating system, it might not be an excellent option.

Windows Hosting vs. Linux Hosting: Which One Is Good for WordPress?

Let’s move to the comparison between cheap Windows hosting and Linux hosting.

  • Affordability:

Mostly Linux hosting package is a cheaper hosting option in comparison to Windows hosting.

  • Different setup:

Setting up a WordPress website on Windows hosting is very much different from that of Linux. For instance, you will have to update your web.config file to set up the WordPress with cheap Windows hosting. But you won’t find that file on the Linux WordPress setup.

  • Control panel:

The most prevalent control panel for Linux hosting is its cPanel, whereas, for Windows, the most widely used control panel is Plesk.

Most WordPress setup tutorials that you will search on the internet are based on Linux hosting. Hence, performance-wise, a Linux-based cheap WordPress hosting service is better than Windows hosting for WordPress sites.

However, if you want to host a WordPress website, you can select a WordPress hosting service along with Linux distros as an operating system. But still, if you want to host a site using Windows technologies, then you can select from one of the Windows hosting servers below.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an enterprise operating on Linux operating system. It is certified on hundreds of clouds using thousands of vendors. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides you a reliable and consistent foundation all across the environments. Hence the tools are essential for delivering services at a faster rate for any application. Red Hat Enterprise Linux decreases deployment friction and the cost of speeding up the time value for critical workloads. It enables the development as well as operations essential for teams to innovate in a particular environment.

Features and benefits of Red Hat Enterprise: 

Expand to the edge

Red Hat Enterprise Linux spreads your hybrid cloud infrastructure to an edge. It extends across hundreds of thousands of nodes all across the world. As a result, you can create edge-optimized OS images and minimize the workload interruptions for OS updates. In addition to this, transfer system updates are more efficient, and there are automatic health checks and rollbacks.

Mitigate, secure, comply

Red Hat Enterprise Linux server uses a practical, 3-point approach in addressing security challenges that are Mitigate, secure, and comply. Hence built-in security features help to defend against the threats and stay updated with the regulatory requirements.

Multiplatform support

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is certified with hundreds of public clouds and thousands of other hardware and software types as one of the most deployed commercial Linux distributions.

CentOS Server: 

CentOS Server is free as well as based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux architecture. Its support comes with a large community. The CentOS Server is famous among many small to medium businesses with such suitable applications and supported software.


Security is one of the essential and primary concerns that come with CentOs. Therefore, it provides multiple built-in security features. One of the evident ways of CentOS is to help you protect from cyber-attacks by using Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux).

Wealth of Documentation

CentOS is a widely used platform in the web hosting world. It provides wide usage in the documentation and amount of information. In addition, it provides a broad community to the developers and users who share intelligence and other relevant issues for regularly increasing the overall value for the OS.

Package Management

If you have an app or website in production and you don’t want it to change, or you want to have packages updated if you need it for a specific version. CentOS utilizes the YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modified) package manager in order to keep the system up to date.

Microsoft Windows Server:

Windows Server is an operating system that aids bridges on-premises environments with Azure. It adds additional security layers for helping you modernize applications as well as infrastructure. Microsoft Windows Server is one of the well-known and commonly used server operating systems that people can rely on. Since it is a member of the Windows family, you will definitely get the best top-notch support from the officials. The OS is cloud-ready. Therefore whether you have a small site or a big one, a Microsoft Windows hosting Server can be your eventual choice.

Features and benefits of Microsoft Windows Server:

Hybrid capabilities with Azure

Windows Server allows you to extend your data center to Azure to maximize the investments and improve new hybrid capabilities.

Advanced multilayer security

You can elevate your security posture by defending the data center and starting with such an operating system.

Increasing innovation for applications

Windows Server allows you to create cloud-native apps and modernize such traditional apps by using microservices and containers.

Unbeatable Azure offers

You can save your cost by adding up on offers such as Azure Hybrid Benefit as well as Extended Security Updates.

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