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Choosing the type of material of construction for your industrial ladder is important. You have to make sure that it is the ideal material given the conditions.

A big factor to note here is that you will have to identify whether your chosen ladders with be used internally within the industry or in outside conditions.

There are some features that you to have in your ladder based on the conditions in which they will be put to the test.

Ladder materials for construction are generally either aluminum and fiberglass.

To have a look at the various types of ladders for each type you can check out the Team Systems website now.

In this small and brief article, we will be comparing the fiberglass ladders against the aluminum ladders.

So let’s begin…

Fiberglass ladders

You can check out the various types of fiberglass ladders on the Team Systems website that offers a range of shapes, sizes, and in-built features on the fiberglass ladders.

The good part

The good thing about using fiberglass ladders is that they give you protection from both fire and electrical short circuit hazards.

Fiberglass as a material is poo in both heat and electricity conduction. Also, it has a very high melting point.  Also, there are no problems of corrosion too when being used in external conditions.

The worst part

If there is something that has to be said about the disadvantages of using a fiberglass ladder then it has to be the weight of the ladders. Yes, fiberglass ladders are heavier than aluminum ladders and this can be a serious downfall when you have to manually carry the ladder within the industry premises.

Then there is also the cost factor. The cost of fiberglass ladders can be significantly more than aluminum ladders.

Aluminum ladders

If you are on the hunt for a varied stock of aluminum ladders of the most standard qualities and features then you may have a look at the Team Systems website.

The good thing

The best part about using aluminum ladders is that it is lightweight. Of course, the smaller sizes of the aluminum ladders can be easily carried by hand.

There are also different types of in-built features on the aluminum ladders and these include the foldable option and the extendable option.

The bad thing

Aluminum ladders might not be the best option in those industries that are involved in repairing, maintenance, installation, and servicing electronic and electrical gadgets and equipment. It is prone to electrical shocks and fire outbreak hazards. Corrosion on the aluminum ladders is almost inevitable too.

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