Warehouse Equipment

These fork lifts are designed to reduce the space occupied by trucks to improve speed and efficiency in tight spaces. Order selectors ride up and down with the operator load and should be secured to the truck using a belt and tether system. Other narrow wing trucks include stand-up straddles, swing masts, side loaders and turret trucks.

This type of forklift is controlled by hand where the operator is in front of the truck and the lift truck is controlled by the steering tiller. The low lift electric hand pallet jack, also known as a “walkie”, is a common type of Class Three forklift. Unlike other industrial trucks, they do not have a mast and use pellet forks or platforms to carry loads of several inches off the ground.

The Class Four forklift is designed for interior use on a smooth, dry floor. They are commonly used to transport pelletized loads to and from the loading dock and storage area. In this classification a padded tired lift truck is designed to sit down on the ground rather than an airtight tired forklift truck so that it can be used in lower clearance conditions.

Class V lift trucks are mostly found in warehouses. Used both indoors and outdoors in virtually any type of application, this forklift has a wide range of capabilities. They can handle anything from small single pallet loads to 40-foot load containers. This classification of lift trucks is powered by internal combustion engines and can be used with LPG, gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas fuel systems.

These lift truck sit-down riders; tow tractor lifts make them popular in a wide variety of applications with versatile uses. Class six forklifts can use an internal combustion engine for outdoor use or a battery-powered electric motor for indoor use.

Class Seven forklifts use large flotation type tires for outdoor use on difficult services. This type of powered industrial truck is almost entirely powered by a diesel engine and has aerated tires. You will usually see these lift trucks used to transport and lift construction materials to construction sites. You can also find these trucks at Lumber Yards and Auto Recyclers. Some of these Class VII trucks are equipped with a conventional or fixed, mast while others use a telescopic style.Make sure you are choosing the right forklift for your desired application and loading load. Equip2go.com.au can help ensure you get the most out of your material Management Tool purchase.

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