Well it is not the clash of the titans when it comes to choosing between customer eLearning and off the shelf eLearning.

It is already a well-established point that both forms of eLearning have their own advantage when it comes to driving learning objectives.

However, let us quickly understand why one should choose customer eLearning courses

Focus on Performance Goals

eLearning is a great way to engage employees but if the performance goals are critical, custom eLearning is definitely the way forward. Custom eLearning content is created to address the performance gap. This involves understanding the performance expectations and also analyzing the current trend in performance and integrating that as a part of the content to help the learners identify the cause of the gap and find the potential factors that may contribute to low performance. So, if you are looking at creating an impact at the performance level, it is imperative that custom eLearning content is offered to the learners.

Premium Learner Experience

With the advent of the various digital learning methodologies and the learning platforms the expectations of the learners have increased as well. The new age learners are definitely more informed and do not run short of option when it comes to finding out sources of learning, this also makes your learning content extremely vulnerable to a comparison with industry standards. A customized eLearning content connects with the learner faster and facilitates higher rate of engagement and retention among them. If your workforce is well-informed, has a high appetite of learning and has had a reasonable exposure to eLearning it would not be a bad idea to create some courses which are customized to their interest and need

Exhaustive Learning Journey

This is particularly important if you are creating a long-term based curriculum to upskill your employees. These long-term courses is meant to create a long term engagement with the learner and therefore it is very important to establish a certain amount of consistency not just in terms of the frequency of the course or the assignment related to the course but also the course design, it’s aesthetics, its language. A learning journey should be like a story for your learning. From start to end they should be able to stay with you and connect to the basic theme. Customized eLearning content is designed keeping these aspects in mind and therefore if you are looking at building a long course curriculum for your employees do explore custom eLearning options

A focused intervention

While this point may seem similar to the previous one, the difference is that while the previous one was primarily for long term course, a focused intervention can be for short term or may be a business need which may be an outcome of a change. This also could be related to a function, it’s processes or policies and guidelines.  Custom eLearning content enables the learner to explore, experiment and develop expertise in a certain area and that also in a short period of time. The assumption out here is the learners in this case are not complete amateurs and has come context to the learning. Custom eLearning content just expedites the overall learning process

Confidential Content

For any upskilling program that is specific to certain critical guidelines, processes or policies a customized eLearning content is absolutely necessary. Off the shelf content can provide an overview or basic sensitization but to be able to internalize it to the current work environment custom created eLearning content is always found to be more effective even if the topic may seem very general.

There can be more reasons which can guide you to choose custom created eLearning content over off the shelf course but in our experience, these are some of the common factors which can guide your decision.

If you want to understand how we create customized eLearning content for our clients connect with us today.

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