STACK, a construction estimating tool, has many features. You can get a free trial and higher-end subscriptions. It also features a user-friendly interface, a collection of pre-built items and a 30-day free trial. This article will cover the STACK estimating software‘s features and how they can benefit your company.

A Free Trial of STACK

STACK Takeoff and Estimating can help you make better project estimates. This free software allows you to create a budget and allocate the materials. STACK is a software for architects and construction firms. You can try it free of charge to see how it works for you.

STACK’s cloud-based platform allows you to easily collaborate with your team in estimating, taking off and tracking costs. You can also manage your documents with powerful document management tools. Easy to use with intuitive interfaces, STACK is easy to use. Access STACK can be accessed from any mobile or web browser, so you can work anywhere.

STACK’s trial version is limited in features so that you can test it before purchasing. There is a limit to the number of projects that you can create. You can only create two projects with the free version. The paid version gives you unlimited access and all projects.

Pricing for Higher-End Subscriptions

Pricing for higher-end subscriptions to STACK’s estimating software can differ greatly. Some products are priced at $1,999 per year, while others can go up to $4999. Higher-end subscriptions offer features and functionality for one full-access user, three full access users, and seven view only users.

Stack estimating software offers many benefits including security and flexibility. Cloud-based programs allow you to create estimates from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based programs offer top-level security and encryption to give your clients peace-of-mind. These programs allow you to quickly and accurately generate estimates for a very low monthly cost.

Prices for STACK estimating software subscriptions are higher priced. Take your time and choose the right software solution. Advanced features such as reporting and takeoff creation are available in some subscriptions. Some subscriptions are web-based, which makes installation and configuration easier. You should download the free trial version to see if it suits your needs before purchasing a subscription.

Stack User-Friendly Interface

Stack estimator software allows users to measure plans, collaborate and create estimates. This web-based construction software is for suppliers, general contractors, and subcontractors. It has a simple interface that is easy to use. You can also customize your listings and use reporting to make your life easier. It also allows users to save estimates and adjust them easily if needed.

There are three levels of this estimating software: enterprise, plus, or free. Enterprise offers more takeoff options and tools than the free tier. The free tier offers a takeoff library and volume-based counts as well as a cost code management tool. You can also get a free 30-day trial.

Stack is completely online and offers an intuitive interface. You can upload your plans and estimates from either your computer or from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Box. This saves users time and effort by automatically feeding these data into the estimate generator.

Library of Pre-Built Items

STACK’s estimating software provides a complete library of pre-built assemblies and items that can be used for the estimation process. You can modify the takeoff type to capture costs. The software also allows you to include labor costs in your unit cost estimate, or add them as a separate line item.

This feature is particularly useful for firms that have specific aesthetic requirements. It also speeds up the process of estimating and taking off. You can also create custom construction plans assemblies. Its interface is similar to Microsoft Excel and makes it easy for people who are familiar with Windows or Microsoft Office.

STACK has a wide range of features that will suit any size construction company. The software allows you to create custom plans or use the construction library as a reference. The database contains every type of construction material. You can also search the database for text-based materials to quickly find them.

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