All the passionate runners can relate to the sentence – One Pair of Running Shoes isn’t enough. And we understand because definitely, it’s not. Running doesn’t necessarily require any high equipment or other items but just a good pair of running shoes. But, many people today are confused between using just one pair of shoes every day, having two pairs of shoes to wear on alternate days or having more than that to keep rotating them. Well, are you somebody who is having these questions, too? Then, stay tuned till the end to know the right thing and reason for the correct choice. 

Case 1: I wear one pair of shoes only, and I feel comfortable 

  • Many people say that just wear one pair of shoes every day, and this is because it has a lot of advantages. These advantages include having one pair of shoes is economical, and you don’t have to spend money buying three different pairs. Secondly, when you wear one pair of shoes every day, you get used to them and so do your feet. Somehow, they become your feet’s comfort zone. Thirdly, when you wear one pair of running shoes every day, you can keep buying new ones instead of having one lasting for months to years. 

Case 2: I keep rotating my shoes, and that is the best

  • While the other part of the population believes that its the best to keep rotating and changing your shoes and avoid wearing one pair of shoes every day, this case includes a lot of advantages. First, your shoes need at least 24 hours to recover from running, and this break means it needs time to dry out the sweat, kill the bacteria that were caused due to your sweat, etc. If you are somebody who runs every day and around the same time, then you should have an alternate pair of shoes to protect your feet from these bacteria. Secondly, a recent study shows that people who keep alternating their shoes are less likely to get injuries and foot problems such as blisters, athlete’s foot etc. Thirdly, when you wear alternate pairs of shoes, you increase their life span and long-lasting ability. 

What is more beneficial? 

After looking at the advantages of both wearing one pair of shoes and rotating boots, the benefits of turning your pair of shoes outweighed the disadvantages. When you rotate your shoes every day, it impacts your feet and running schedule. Running with different shoes decreases the chances of injuries and increases the chances of running better. Therefore, it is recommended to keep rotating your running pair of shoes for better foot health and durability. 

How should you choose your running shoes?

Now that we have seen the advantages of rotating your pair of shoes, it’s essential to understand the factors you should choose. These include factors such as choosing the right size of shoes for your feet, shoes that are lightweight and comfortable, providing better arch support, etc. When looking for men’s sports shoes online India, you can always trust JQR Sports. JQR sports is the best shoe store in India, providing lightweight running shoes for men at affordable prices. They provide lightweight running shoes for men and sell top-notch walking shoes, sports shoes and all kinds of shoes. So, whenever looking for any type of men’s sports shoes online India, always trust JQR Sports.

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