Some of the best buyers me and I are running,” said Ricardo Mora, a fellow at Goldman Sachs. “We had breakfast and ate together,” said the 22-marathon runner.

There are similar numbers of men and women in the workplace, according to a survey, including the annual Running USA survey, which found that 54% of runners are women. This will result in more involvement in creating customer and employee bonds than traditional company practices.

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when 8,000 people took to the streets to support United Road Charity. The race is part of the JPMorgan Enterprise Challenge series, which has 13 cities around the world, which Bank CEO 먹튀검증  says is “a great way to gather thousands of people – our customers, competitors and our own employees. – with pleasure. and a healthy soul. ”

Jens Piepszak, JPMorgan’s new CFO, said he didn’t think about the price action, because it’s “brand awareness and community resilience,” the company’s chief executive said. Salesman Kristin Lemay said the race was a balance. more important than a small town “this is probably the biggest thing we can do.”

“I love corporate competition,” said Val ouch of Deutsche, a regular contributor

protected me from the heavy rain in front of JPMorgan Challenge’s Central Park Stadium, before the water receded. “One great way to develop a corporate culture is to have working partners at all levels.”

Three months after his appointment as CEO, with his bank still in constant turmoil, Deutsche’s Christian Sewing has risen to the forefront of competition in Frankfurt. “Running is an effective way, but it’s better to work with co-workers and friends,” Sew explains. “So whenever I can, I get involved. It’s a great way to be with our people.”

Bank of America was celebrated as much as it had at the Chicago Marathon.

“The ups and downs of marathon training set goals and do what is necessary to achieve those goals,” said Joe Smith, a managing director of the bank’s partners. to compete. “It’s similar to the way it works in the banking sector.”

It’s not just for consumers. Nearly 400 Bank of America employees sign up for the marathon each year and 300 start from the starting line. Smith first ran the Chicago Marathon in 2018. There he recorded the fastest time of the nine races he took, which he seems to enjoy because he has so many friends there.

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