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Why do people keep planning the gifts for their loved ones months before the holidays? What is the need to find the best packaging for those precious items? Why is it necessary to even give presents?

It is because you care about them, you love them, and you want to make them happy. Sharing presents is a way to let your emotions flow with the designs and effort you put in your gift packing.

There are a few things that cannot be explained in words and need special efforts to express, gifts are one of those. Christmas is an event to share all the love, care, and joy with the people we love but the thing that always goes overlooked during all the enjoyment is waste. With the new Christmas ornaments, decorations, and cards storming in, people throw all of the old stuff that contributes to the increase of waste.

There are a lot of companies that offer gift card boxes in the most unique and captivating manner. You can even create your custom gift card boxes in the material, shape, sizes, and designs of your own but how about repurposing those old Christmas gift card boxes to make something new that minimizes the waste?

Here are some amazing ideas and inspiration to use custom printed Christmas card boxes in the most effective manner to create your new stuff this season.

Cards garland

No Christmas is complete without those cute, fancy, and funky garlands in your front or backyard with some fairy lights.

  • Cut your desired shape from the old cards.
  • Cut the back sticker from the colourful paper sheet.
  • Take a fancy colourful wire of your choice.
  • Take one shape cut-out place under the wire, glue another cut-out on the top with the wire between them.

Let it dry and hang!

Jar toppers

If you like to create handmade presents then it is sure that you will like to make your packaging as custom as possible. To all the ladies and gentlemen who are presenting their handmade jams and jellies in those big jars, then please do not ribbon tie those jars like they have been tied since the oldest civilization on Earth.

Instead, take your old Christmas cards and cut to the size of the jar’s lid. Slip inside the jar before sealing and you are ready to go. You can always add whatever you like on the lid such as over-sized bows and flowers.

Card Christmas tree

This is unique and fun. If you are not planning to get your tree this year but also do not want to go without a tree. It is time to take all those cards out you have been hoarding onto for a long time.

Take custom washi tape.

Make a tree outline with the custom tape on the wall.

Use these cards to hang as ornaments on the wall.

Custom tags

If you are all ready to send your gifts out but something still feels missing that is not giving that special effect to your packaging. Custom tags are the best and most captivating addition to the boxes.

  • Take old gift card box holder
  • Take plain colorful sheets
  • Cut your favorite shapes on the cards and the exact shapes ¼ inch bigger than these.
  • Stick these two shapes on each other giving an overlapping effect to the tags.
  • Punch hole on the top
  • Add jute or ribbons.
  • Tie them up and you are ready to go.


Why is there a need to get new ornaments for your Christmas tree when you can use some amazing DIYs to create your custom ornaments?

  • Take glass Christmas balls.
  • Cut your colourful and funky cards into very thin stripes or make confetti.
  • Fill your cut-outs in the balls with some glitter or foil strips to make them more sparkly.
  • Add metallic ribbons on the balls to give these balls some style.

Cards to cards

Well, who said you cannot use old cards as new cards?

There are a lot of ways to repurpose these cards for further use and show some love to our mother Earth by decreasing the waste.

  • Cut old cards into cut-outs of your choice. For example, you can go for dove, Santa hat, Christmas tree or name letters cut-outs.
  • Fold a colored stock paper in the size of your choice.
  • Paste cut-out in the center of the corner of the card.
  • Add some handwritten text to the card.

You are ready to make an everlasting impact on your audience along with saving the environment from further pollution. These are just to name a few ideas you can purposely use these cards in different ways to impress people.

You can always have a good time creating these amazing crafts with your friends before the last moment.

By Uqba Ch

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