folding cardboard box

When it comes to custom packaging, selecting the right box for your product is important. Among an array of packaging solutions with different styles, a folding cardboard box is quite a popular one. It is preferred by businesses and customers due to its amazing features. The success of a product is directly or indirectly dependent on its packaging. The versatility of custom folding boxes makes them highly suitable for a variety of products. Whether you are making a new product launch or redesigning an old packaging, these are the best choice. They add to the visual appeal of your products making them more recognizable in-crowd. Folding boxes are affordable, durable, lightweight, and comes in different custom sizes and styles. These reasons have made them a trendy form of packaging all across the industry. Let us discuss 6 interesting facts about them in detail:

Increased Sturdiness:

Paperboard is usually used to design folding boxes. It comes in different weights and thicknesses to secure your contents. It is your choice whether you want to design a folding box from simple cardstock or go for a corrugated board that is even more rigid and provides better support to heavier items as well. It is also a good option for shipping due to its increased strength. The upper folded lock or the use of custom inserts adds on extra protection. Designing them from Kraft material makes them even more sustainable. Now the businesses do not have to spend extra dollars on using fillers or excessive packaging material. A custom-sized folding box can do all for you. It provides good resistance against wear and tear and saves your products from pressure or mishandling. All these features lead to an enhanced level of protection for your goods.

Availability of Different Styles:

Another prominent reason that is making them trendy over time is their versatility. From style to design, you can customize a folding box according to the nature of your product and your need. The availability of limitless styles makes them a highly demanding packaging solution. Some of the most popular ones among the retailers include:

  • Straight tuck end boxes: They are the most common type of folding box. It can be used for a variety of products of everyday use. These boxes are designed in a way to have tuck end closure on both sides. The boxes are easy to assemble and save time and effort.
  • Reverse tuck end boxes: It is the second popular category in folding boxes. They are perfect for packaging beauty, cosmetics, and various other products. These boxes have flaps on both sides that can be locked in the opposite direction.
  • Snap-lock bottom boxes: This category is generally used for heavier products. A snap-lock is present at the bottom of the box adds on more durability and strength. The flap comes together to provide a safe closure.

Ease of Customization:

Another interesting fact related to folding boxes is their ease of customization. It means that you can design the boxes in any size, shape, and style of your choice. For example, it depends upon your usage that you need custom packaging for a small business or a shipment. Your folding boxes will be customized accordingly. Use an interesting combination of colors, typography, images, and artistic patterns. Choose the best printing techniques to create an amazing display. You may also hire a professional designer who may help you in creating your folding boxes according to your branding requirements. Choose special add-on features like die-cutting, metallic foiling, embossing, debossing, UV coating, gloss/matte lamination, etc. to give a splendid look to your folding boxes.

Highly Economical:

Despite their appealing and safety features, a folding cardboard box is economical as well. The packaging is made from paperboard that is a cheap raw material. It reduces the operational costs for the manufacturers or the retailers. Going for a bulk purchase makes you save more. Due to the rising environmental concerns, most businesses go for recycling these boxes. In this way, you can make a large contribution towards preserving our environment and natural resources too. Thus, the consumers can enjoy high-quality packaging at an affordable price.

A Well-Designed Exterior:

Folding boxes are preferred for product packaging because they have a good visual impact on the buyers. You can print them with attractive designs and necessary information to catch the eyes of potential customers. Use fascinating color schemes, interactive graphics, and creative artwork to set your brand apart. The font style you choose should be unique and comprehensible enough to understand. If your product is designed to target kids, create a display that leads to an instant purchase. The increasing acceptance of a folding cardboard box is mainly because of its flexibility.

You can easily transform them into a variety of shapes without compromising on their strength and durability. It’s your choice whether you want to go for a folding box with round or square edges or introduce a window or a die-cut on its top. The options are limitless. In addition to the box exterior, you may also work on its internal display to provide a better customer experience. Use inserts, tissue wrap, or introduce a print inside to make it more appealing. Such well-designed packaging boxes can increase the chances of success for your business.

Environmental Friendly:

Another interesting fact about folding boxes is that they are one of the most eco-friendly packaging solutions available industrywide. As they are made from natural biodegradable sources so they leave no carbon footprint on the environment. This feature has made them an ideal choice for consumers as well. You can use a folding box multiple times and then recycle it. Recycling does not only saves your natural resources but also reduces your operational costs.

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