Refusal to get a Canadian visa can be inconvenient because it can ruin various plans. People get frustrated when their short-term visit visa for Canada gets rejected. They consider it easier to get than a parents visa Canada as it is for a longer duration. It is significant to understand the reasons behind rejection to make amends for future applications. 

Major reasons that lead to the rejection of a Canadian visa

Given below are some of the major reasons that lead to the rejection of a Canadian visa application:

  1. Lack of  evidence to prove that you are capable of supporting yourself and you are dependent financially

You must be able to provide financial support to both yourself and your dependents during your stay in Canada. You may mistakenly think that this rule is applicable only to get a parents’ visa for Canada. Contrarily, it is applicable for all the reasons to visit Canada, including to immigrate, work, travel or study. 

2. Failure to prove that you meet the standard of health required to get a Canadian visa

After applying for a Canadian visa, you are required to undergo a health-related examination. First, you need to clear the immigration medical exam that a government-approved medical professional or institution performs.

Medical inadmissibility to get a Canadian visa approved includes the following conditions:

  • Being a danger to public health in various ways:

This includes suffering from active infectious diseases, including tuberculosis or syphilis. Furthermore, it includes a person who has been in contact with another person with such a disease. 

  • Being a danger to public safety due to a loss of physical and mental abilities

This includes tendencies such as unpredictable violent acts.

  • Being an excessive burden on health or social services of Canada

3) Failure to provide sufficient supporting documents

You must provide supporting documents as proof of the authenticity of your details while applying for a Canadian visa. The documents required may vary from one type of visa to another, depending on the purpose. For instance, the documents needed for a visit visa for Canada could be different from a parents’ visa for Canada. The documents required are simple authorized proofs that one would usually already own. For instance, if you have a degree, you must provide a copy of your transcripts along with the diploma. Failure to provide evidence to back up your claims could lead to the rejection of the visa application.

  1. Failure to Convince the Canadian Government That the Applicant is not Security Risk

This requires one to supply a criminal report to prove non-involvement in any of the following activities:

  • Terror or violence,
  • Espionage,
  • Subversion, including work strikes or political riots,
  • Committed a crime for example; driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance, and,
  • History of being a member of an organization that violates international or human rights. 

This criterion is necessary to not only get a visit visa for Canada but other types of visas too. 

2. The Visa officer has apprehensions regarding the applicant’s intention to apply.

This includes apprehensions regarding the authenticity of the application or its supporting evidence and documents.

  It is advisable to cross-check with the above points before reapplying for a Canadian visa in case of rejection. 

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