Twitter is a really good app to express your feelings through small messages called tweets. You can share someone else’s information or their thoughts by retweeting their tweet. This will make your follower see their tweet.

Now let’s see some reasons why you should use Twitter for your own good.

Twitter is home to all the news

No matter which country news you are looking for, all the information about that news will be on Twitter as soon as it occurs.

You see Twitter is a very big platform and everything spreads very rapidly. You can also find the information you are looking for by searching the hashtag or the keyword for it.

Twitter really makes it easy to find information.

Meet likeminded people

Twitter is a great platform to meet new people who have the same interests as you. The problem is how you would find those people. Because most people blindly follow everyone on Twitter without even thinking that if they are right people are not.

And it turns out that those people never add any value to your profile. To get most of Twitter first thing you need to do is unfollow those people using Twitter unfollow tools. Using unfollow tools will save you time as well as let you know the profile that is fake, inactive, and more likely to be spam.

Sharing your opinion is new normal

While tweeting you can really put your heart into it and write whatever you feel. Your opinion is all that matters on the Twitter application. There is no one to judge, but the people who will disagree with your opinion will comment their point of view on it but that is okay.

We all have different opinions but sharing them is a good deed. But make sure to not use vulgar language or to swear to anyone, this gives rise to the social media virtual war, which is not good for your mental health.

Gives you direct message capability

Twitter applications also have a direct message feature but it is not that famous, but you can still use it as it is a relatively decent feature. Your messages are safe there.

And also do not bother about deleting old chats because how to delete old tweets is a question for everyone but we are here to answer.

It is quite an easy process you just hold the message and wait for a while then you click on the dustbin button that shows up, and your tweet is deleted. But you cannot delete old chats in chunks as Twitter does not allow it.

You can earn passive money from Twitter

Yes, you heard it right; Twitter is a really good platform to earn passive money. But for earning you should have a huge fan following on Twitter.

And if you don’t have many followers you can use social media management apps such as Circleboom. It will help you to increase your followers and also engage you with brands and companies of your choice.

Once you have a good amount of followers on your Twitter profile many companies and brands will offer you to promote their brands.

And will pay you a good amount of money in return. Circleboom makes this all possible. Get your hands today on it and make money. You can also read this Circleboom review to learn about its cool features.


Twitter is a very great app to start your business or to even make passive money. And if you are someone who shows interest in politics or entertainment this app will give you all this information. All you have to do is register and like, share, retweet, and comment your thoughts on these subjects.

Happy tweeting!

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