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Why You Should Redesign Your Website Design and UX

If you were in doubt, the(Buy Facebook followers) expression “If it’s not broken, don’t repair it” should not be used to describe the design of your website.


The website you’ve created will essentially break when you start it. It’s similar to driving a brand new car from the dealership. Your vehicle is ruined by a 20% value when you drive off the road.


This isn’t an optimistic view or something like that. This is simply the current state of being a business owner in our ever-changing digital age. Strategies, trends in design, and, most importantly. The requirements of users’ experience make it a good idea to keep your website updated and improve its design as often as you can.


We recently updated and migrated our WSIWorld website. With this decision in mind, here are some reasons why it’s crucial to update your website’s style and UX frequently.


The Digital World Moves Fast

The main reason to let your website’s style and UX slow down is because of the pace of the digital landscape changes. We operate in a world that is changing quickly – faster than most of us can keep up with.

And it is imperative to be able to adapt methods, strategies, and tools we use rapidly. What worked for you in the digital realm two years ago probably doesn’t work in the same way today.

Therefore, as great as your website appeared and performed two years ago. It’s old for all reasons in today’s world of digital technology.


Do What You Learn

We decided to redesign our website’s UX. The website was part of a more significant company-wide commitment to “practice the principles we teach” and “drink the champagne we make ourselves.

” We claim that we aid businesses to improve their marketing, and to accomplish this, we must keep our ducks in the same row. As we’ve talked about, throughout 2019 and the years to come.

It’s crucial to revise your website’s style and UX frequently. This is what we’ve done and completely revamped the design of our site and its UX. We’re very proud of the new site. We hope you’ll check it out and tell us your thoughts!


Pay Attention To the Numbers

In the world of digital marketing, statistics and data are crucial. Once you’ve visited any website, you begin collecting data about it. Even if you’ve managed to create the perfect site. The data will immediately reveal that some aspects of your site aren’t working as they should.

Perhaps users are acting differently than you expected. The design doesn’t seem to be as engaging as you’d like it to be doesn’t matter. When your site is up and running for a couple of months, look over the data. You’ll soon have an idea of what you need to improve on to improve the next version of your site.


Optimize Your Website’s Design

Sometimes, it’s difficult to observe all the angles until your project is completed.

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This is a significant reason we prefer to launch something that isn’t perfect and then refines rather than awaiting perfect perfection, but that’s a story for another day.


The WSIWorld Home Page


When we were developing the brand new WSIWorld website, we) looked at the data from our previous website) looked at the latest style and UX trends, c) reviewed our SEO and content strategy, and) concentrated on our personas for customers. Here are some guidelines that we developed that you can follow in the event of redesigning your website on your own.


Could you not make them think?

If you give your visitors on your site too many thoughts to entertain or have too many places to browse or click can cause cognitive stress. If users get overwhelmed by a page of an online site and are overwhelmed, what do they often do? Try another option – also called a bounce.


This is the reason when you design the homepage of your website, over the fold, it is essential to explain to your website visitors the following: a) what you do, a) who you’re, and as well as) what you’re doing, and the third) reasons to believe your website. Although it may seem difficult to accomplish all these in such a limited space, it’s worth the effort and time to improve the information you provide.


Avoid “Greedy Marketer Syndrome”

Imagine this: you’ve created an updated website, and you’re ecstatic. You’d like to reap the advantages of all the labor as quickly as possible. You launch the site and are eager to see that first conversion. Do you have a similar scenario?


As difficult as it may be, we suggest avoiding “greedy marketing syndrome.” Indeed, we shouldn’t expect our site visitors to make the final conversion immediately. Instead, we must gain their trust and allow them to make their own decisions without being too aggressive.


For instance, this is why we decided to use “Talk To Us. Our Team Can Aid.” as our primary CTA button text instead of something similar to “Book A Consultation Now!”


Conduct Post-Launch Analyses

We’ll conclude this article by reminding you that you conduct an after-launch study when you’ve released this brand new site and UX.

There will be instant data, and therefore, why not use it? A/B tests and heatmaps will provide insight into the way users interact and what pages they’re clicking, and you might be able to make some changes to your site’s design immediately.


Best of luck, and don’t forget to contact us for any comments regarding your experience at the brand new WSIWorld!



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