Witr Namaz is the prayer in Islamic religion which is performed after the night prayer (Isha) or before the dawn prayer(fajr). Witr is an Arabic word whose literal meaning is single/odd number. Realistically, witr namaz or prayer is a single rak’ah prayer that is performed to finish the night prayer. A minimum of single rak’ah and a maximum number 11 rak’ahs are there in witr prayer. The concluding rak’ah should be of a single rak’ah. The witr namaz is not an obligatory prayer but the Prophet would perform the witr prayer .The person who performs the witr namaz n will always feel strong to face the desires of the world. It is believed that Allah will hear all the prayers.

Significance of Witr Namaz

Witr prayer is indicated by sunnah. Skipping this namaz is not associated with any penalty, the person is rewarded greatly by Allah. This https://teyasilk.com/the-downs-casino-in-albuquerque-new-mexico/ is an instantaneous access to the full functionality of the game that is achieved via the use of HTML5 software. One has to ensure that Witr namaz is offered at a clean place. Since there is a choice to perform one rak’ah, it is advised that a Muslim person should be able to offer Witr even while traveling. Again, you can head down to Galveston the cruise ship offer a couple of roulette tables or browse rich directories of online casinos and benefit from the single-zero wheels of European and French https://www.fontdload.com/dubai-palace-casino-cancun-bolsa-de-trabajo/ roulette.
Witr namaz is an additional prayer. If witr prayer is performed, we can add prayers and thus add to the reward from Allah. The welcome bonus is one of the https://tpashop.com/can-you-take-photos-in-a-casino/ most commonly found online casino bonuses. Since witr prayer is performed to cover from night prayers that is done both before and after waking up, without performing witr night prayer will be incomplete or imperfect
The time to offer witr is night time which is close time to Allah . Thus the dua after witr prayer can be one that will be granted by Allah if it is performed whole heartedly. Since witr prayer takes place at the end of the night, it is believed to be witnessed by the angels . While praying to Allah these angels are believed to bring blessings. Performing witr prayer also makes a person strong to face the temptations of the world.

How to perform witr namaz?
Witr prayer is performed after ‘Ishā’ prayers and before the Fajr prayers , Thus, one has a choice to perform the witr prayer at the beginning (after ‘Ishā’) , middle or at the end of the night (before fajr).
However, witr is best performed as the last prayer one offers at night. That is, if one can wake after sleep but before dawn to pray, then witr prayer can be delayed and performed after waking up. If, however, it is unsure of waking up at night, then it’s better that witr prayers are offered before going to bed.
There’re a few ways in which Witr Prayer can be performed.
The Single Raka’ah
Witr prayer can be performed in single rak’ah
The Multiple Rak’ahs with breaking Salams
Though witr prayer can be performed with single rak’ah however minimum of 3 maximum is 11rak‘ahs are recommended.
It is encouraged while performing more than a single rak’ah, to break it into two sets, with the last rak’ah being your witr .
For example, if one wishes to pray 3 rak’ahs, first he will perform two rak’ahs, sit and make salām, and then close it with a single raka’ah.In similar way If intention is to to pray 5 rak’ahs, one can make salām after every two rak’ahs and then close it with the fifth rak’ah on its own.
The Maghrib Style
In the Magrib style of performing prayer i.e two rak’ahs plus one, with two tashahhud and one salām. The point of notice is that the recitation of Sūrah Al-Fātiḥah and the Surah in the last rak’ah in Maghrib is silent. Whereas, in the Maghrib style of witr its loud.
Another Way
Regardless of the number of rak’ah, another way of performing is continuous with one tashahhud and one salām, as long as the end is with an odd number.This implies that one can pray 3 rak’ahs continuously, with one tashahhud and one salām. Do not manually re-type the address to prevent human errors https://starlitenewsng.com/how-many-casinos-are-there-in-the-world/ of typing the wrong address and sending to another person. 5 rak’ahs, 7 rak’ahs, 9 rak’ahs or 11 rak’ahs can also be prayed with one tashahhud in the end and salām.
There is another way, similar to the one described above, is to pray all the rak’ahs continuously, say 5, 7, 9, or 11, with only two tashahhud. The first tashahhud should come before the single or last raka’ah, and the last tashahhud comes with the witr rak’ah. Money Transfer https://nikel.co.id/juegos-de-casinos-gratis-sin-descargar-en-espanol/ Deposits at Ignition Poker While Western Union and MoneyGram transfers work great for poker site deposits, a work-around of a person-to-person transfer has to be used to get around the financial controls.

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