Bangalore at its heart is a city that pinned India on the global map with its every bright and lucrative IT/ Silicon Industry. It houses some of the best schools in the country,  sophisticated and modern. With research, it is becoming clear that the young ages of a human are arguably some of the most important years in their cognitive growth. Therefore, the best Pre-schools in Bangalore play a very important role in developing children holistically.

Collaborative Learning and Increased Involvement of Parents in Best Pre Schools and Bangalore Primary schools

Parents of young children are mostly from the GenZ, millennium era, which automatically means these are tech savvy individuals. Parents are becoming aware of the childhood needs of an individual and they are doing so by demanding to be involved in the process of their child’s learning. Hence, Bangalore pre schools and Bangalore Primary schools that are of best quality are involving parents to see the trajectory and play an active role in their child’s overall growth.

This is being facilitated by virtual school guides, round the clock access to faculty and administrative services, talking with other parents and creating cohorts where parents can learn together. Parent unions are very strong in Bangalore schools, thus asking for better facilities, more engagement and informed education of their young children.

Look For Facilities that Extend Beyond the Curriculum in Best Preschools of Bangalore

Being in the IT capital also means that most parents are involved in tech sectors and are away from their children for quite a while. Apart from that, there is a restrain for these hard-working parents, since Bangalore is famous for high traffic jams.

This means the best preschools provide facilities of creche, day boarding, elongated hours, meal plans customised for their child’s healthcare, physical activities and bonding time with peers. This helps the students develop social skills and be more active instead of being isolated for long hours.

Best Preschools in Bangalore Focusing on Montessori Based Curriculum with Added Benefits

There are many programs and curricula that one can enroll their child in, whether it is British, American, Sadhguru’s approach. Montessori happens to be one excellent approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori

One can distinguish a Montessori classroom very easily as here the teacher is not the primary disseminator of knowledge, rather a guide and support. Students are seen in groups, individual or in dyads/ triads playing and learning from their environment and the material provided to them. Thus, the entire campus becomes learning-friendly.

        Montessori identifies and focuses on the needs and qualities of students individually, hence it is student-focused providing customised learning modules. Students not only learn from their own mishaps, but also hold themselves accountable and responsible. Students are taught the importance of harmony, community, sisterhood and honesty. The individual identity of each child develops and so does their individual personality.

        When Montessori is clubbed with other programs like Montessori Plus, social outreach programs, it only develops the child holistically given the current circumstances, ideas and culture of a child. It is based on immense respect and empathy for one’s own self owing to self compassion and compassion towards others.

Privacy and Security are at the Heart of Pre Primary Schools in Bangalore

In today’s day and age, students and small children are highly susceptible to violation from external as well as internal threats. And, since these are small children, any good pre school will focus highly on the security and privacy of its students. It can range from private medical records, making sure they check the background of all their faculty including maids, bus drivers, admin staff etc. 

They must be routinely checked and trained to keep the children safe and happy. Not only this, security standards are increased by making sure each child is assigned an individual who makes sure who takes them home. Apart from this, there are GPS trackers, applications, CCTVs and other latest safety measures that are all an integral part of the school.

No good school would risk traumatising children which can later lead to Adverse Childhood Experiences and can cause the same children to become traumatised adults, who face difficulty in coping with the world and are susceptible to various mental illnesses. It is of dire importance that schools have child psychologists and counselors and each child is kept safe while having a place to explore and learn.


While it is clear that today’s pre-primary education in Bangalore needs to be more inclusive and involve compassion, schools are also using a new lens of looking at teaching modules and including diversity in their approaches.

Therefore, it is important to make sure to look at various reviews, do a campus tour, enquire about extra activities, check for travel time, distance, extra curricular activities, additional facilities and services. Security of young children cannot be compromised and preschools that are top-notch will not miss this. 


But, as a parent of the 21st century, you have the tools to find exactly what your child needs and requires for a holistic growth and development. 


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