Neetish Sarda,

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered rapid changes in the corporate real estate industry in India. This industry is rethinking its strategies, products, and services. As corporate tenants are exploring flexible and economical workplace alternatives, managed office spaces provide a brilliant solution.

Neetish Sarda, the founder of Smartworks, believes that managed office spaces are collaborative workspaces that hold great prospects. Smartworks is considered to be the pioneer of transformation in managed office spaces.

What do we understand about managed office space?

Managed office space is a solution for an all-inclusive outsourced workspace. It smashes the traditional standards of business infrastructure building. This is designed to enable a well-resourced office space to work at ease. 

‘Smartworks,’ India’s leading managed office space provider, plays a pivotal part in this industry. Today, it has its presence in 9 major Indian cities with more than 30 centers. Its clientele list includes Microsoft, Flipkart, Samsung, Swiggy, Starbucks, among others.

Managed workspaces offer some very important advantages, such as:


Without much investment, you can have a space designed as per your requirement. It is equally hassle-free. The cost of workspace and daily operational costs are paid once during routine payment.

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Easy to customize

You can entirely customize the workspace as you want. From color schemes to the size of the conference room, you can mention your preference. Customization can range up to adjustable tables or even lighting facilities. 

Well-equipped spaces

Managed office spaces are well-equipped with leading-edge technology, IT support, lounge areas, etc. it helps the company properly focus on crucial company activities and growth prospects.

Mr. Neetish Sarda says that creating a balance is the crux of these spaces. It is about combining a diligent as well as ethical work setting together with a satisfying atmosphere.

Scalable solution

Managed workspaces have the advantage of easy scalability. If there is a change in workspace requirement, managed office spaces offer the company to comfortably expand or merge. 

Better privacy and security

Managed workspace provides far more privacy and security. The enterprise has full control over the privacy of data. In a managed office space, an employee will not be allowed to share their workplace with any other businesses.

Key attributes of a good managed office space.

A well-managed workspace should primarily ensure an employee a peaceful atmosphere to focus on the work. It should be devoid of any disturbances. An excellent managed office space provides:

  • Secured and speedy Wi-Fi connection
  • Comfortable chairs for extended work hours
  • Keyboard, headphones, and mouse
  • Multi-plugs for charging electronic devices

Smartworks always offer their clients a ‘welcome pack.’ A welcome pack contains information about the necessary Managed office space-related rules, opening hours, Wi-Fi passwords, etc.

Though the sector has pivoted during the pandemic, the demand for managed office spaces by big corporations and enterprises has scaled up. This surging demand reflects that managed office spaces are here to stay. 

Therefore, this industry has turned out to be a viable business idea. Smartworks by Mr. Neetish Sarda is a classic example. Starting out in 2016-17, Smartworks had surpassed rupees 100 crores revenue in only 2 years of beginning its operations.


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