Planning a custom home is where you let your imagination run wild! You have the liberty to decide on almost everything from major revamps to minor space adjustments. And who better to help you with it than custom home builders? We have devised a concise yet exciting list of all the eye-catching features you can add to your custom home. Let’s walk through a few of them and truly make your home your own. You’ll fall in love with the creative aspect of a custom home after this one.


Home feature suggestions by custom home builders:



A mudroom is an entryway space from the ingress of your house to the living area. It usually has a wardrobe on the side to hang your coats and offers a tiled floor instead of a carpet as it helps clean your feet. A well-planned and executed mudroom can be a lifesaver, especially when you don’t want to deal with the mess of dirty shoes and clutter. Not only this, but you also get tons of storage inside cabinets you can have built-in for an overall tidier look.

Island aesthetic kitchen:

Kitchen islands are a trendy design choice when it comes to planning a kitchen diner. We call it a diner because the island in the middle plays the role of a dining table as it has chairs along the side. You can have inbuilt cabinets inside the island for storing cutlery for ease of access while dining. All the cooking going on around the dining area adds an element of liveliness. Countertops will set the mood of your kitchen. You can add fancy chandeliers to give it a more premium feel. If you are going for an urban look, then wood style is the way to go. If a modern design is more your vibe, go with marble or honed granite.

Big pantry:

A walk-in pantry was a blast from the past when home-grown food was still a thing. With a big pantry, you can go down memory lane, having all your produce at your disposal. Only this time, it’s well-planned and will not only save you space but can house heavy machinery like mixers as well.



Ones that span the entire wall length, from the floor all the way to the ceiling. If you are up for something fun and creative, you can even add colors to it. Having a fireplace is one of the warmest and welcoming gestures one can receive when trying to escape a cold Nashville night — something Nashville home contractors can take care of, like Woodridge Homes.! You would probably be thinking that the only thing you can burn in there is fuel. That is not at all true since you can have natural gas supply and automated lighting systems installed for you.


Wine cellar:

May it be for your ultimate wine collection or just a feel-good aspect of the house, a wine cellar knocks it out of the park when it comes to aesthetic value. You will have complete control over the size of the cellar, so you can either go for a small area just for collection or an ample space that includes a tasting room while beautifully displaying your collection on the wall.


There is a lot of features and designs you can consider when planning a custom home. It is custom for a reason, after all! Having custom home builders on your side will tremendously help the process and keep your mind at peace. Let the experts save you time while you focus on a hard day’s work. Returning to a home that is not only warm and welcoming but something that you helped create is worth it. Experiment with your imagination and add some sentimental value to your humble abode.




What should be included in a custom room?

Mudrooms, an entertainment room, sauna and shower rooms, and an outdoor kitchen are great options to have. You can also go for wine cellars, fireplaces, and moving wall systems along with heated floors for a comfier vibe.


What factors need to be considered in designing a custom-built home?

When planning a custom home, location, budget planning, land permissions, amenities like schools and hospitals, floor planning, space adjustment, and choosing the right contractor are all your must-haves.

How long does a custom home take to build?

Considering the size of the house, it should take anywhere from 10 months to 2 years to build. If your contractors are efficient, you can save a lot of time in secondary planning. Also, make sure you have the correct permissions cleared fo

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