A whiplash is an extreme form of injury that occurs when the neck moves back and forth aggressively. This happens for several reasons that include a vehicle accident, physical abuse like punching and jolting. It has been advised by experts to immediately visit medical centers providing physiotherapy in Edmonton when you experience pain in the shoulders, neck, and back.

Managing the Pain through Physiotherapy in Edmonton

The neck, shoulders, and back are the most affected areas when you have a whiplash injury. The people are suffering from whiplash experience other symptoms that include pain in the neck and stiffness, blurred vision, disorientation of memory, fatigue, and restriction of movement. As soon as you feel these symptoms, it is good to visit clinics giving physiotherapy and other treatments mentioned below.

Physical exercises and therapy

Exercises and physical therapies are the most effective way to take care of a whiplash injury. You have to visit the medical facility once or twice to learn the exercises, and then you can repeat them at home. Physical activities concern the neck, arms, and shoulders.

Medications and other treatments

Some people don’t want to undergo the pressure and strain of exercise and physical activity. So a safer approach is suggested to these individuals. These include continuous rest, pain relief medications, over-the-counter medicines, injections, and muscle relaxants. Cold pr hot packs are applied for moderate injuries.

Non Traditional therapies

Experts have given the following treatments because it involves different and unique equipment. These types of treatments can also be found at clinics providing physiotherapy in West Edmonton. The non-traditional therapies include acupuncture/ IMS, neck and shoulder massage, Chiropractic care, and therapies involving mind and body.

Soft Foam Collar

In many whiplash cases, the patients cannot keep their heads in one place for a long time. So, a soft foam collar is recommended to fix the head in place. Wearing the collar depends on the severity of the pain and injury. The patient can wear the collar for several weeks or even for 72 hours.

Patients Prepared for An Appointment at Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton

It is essential to know what a therapist will ask you when you visit him in clinics like Regenerate Physio. There is a crucial relationship between the treatment and the info a therapist will ask at an appointment. If you wish to have the proper treatment, then provide the correct information to the therapist.

Know the Reason for Whiplash

As discussed in the above points, whiplash can happen for three main reasons; you have to know the correct cause of the whiplash injury. Also, you should know the symptoms that occurred.

Rating the Pain

This is also important that you rate the pain in your neck and shoulders. The physiotherapists will suggest the treatment based on the intensity you will describe to him. When the therapist asks, you have to rate the pain from one to ten.

Which Area is Effected the Most?

The neck is the main part of the body affected by whiplash, but the other surrounding areas like the shoulders and the arms can also be affected. The therapist will focus on those areas that have the most pain.

After How Long Symptoms Appear?

Sometimes the symptoms don’t appear immediately after a whiplash accident like in other injuries. It might take a couple of days or even weeks for symptoms to emerge. You have to know after how long the symptoms occurred.

What Medications are you Already Taking?

This question is for patients who have experienced whiplash before. If you are visiting a new therapist, then giving him this information is essential. It is a good idea to take previous prescriptions with you.

What Other Underlying Issues do You have?

Before the therapist starts physiotherapy in Edmonton, he must know about any underlying issues like heart condition, cancer, pregnancy, obesity, or any kind of blood-related disease. If you have any one of these, then the treatment will be devised accordingly.

Below are a few FAQs to help you understand the whiplash and its caring in a better way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do whiplash injuries take to heal?

There is no definite time to heal from whiplash because it can occur in different intensities. Also, occur even after it is recovered for the first time. You have to prepare yourself to face at least eight to ten weeks of recovery from whiplash.

Is walking good for whiplash?

Slow and moderate walking will not be harmful during whiplash, but you have to be careful not to do rigorous exercises and not play sports.

What should you do immediately after whiplash?

When the symptoms of whiplash, as mentioned above, start to occur, you have to apply a hot or cold pack immediately, take plenty of rest, take pain-relieving medications, and do little physical exercise of the neck and shoulders.

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