So, now that you’ve taken the step to hire a personal fitness trainer to help you get in shape and take your fitness to the next level, what’s next? It is time for your first session! You probably are very excited yet nervous because you are not sure what to expect. Don’t sweat about it, as the first session is all about evaluation with a bit of demo and light workout.

Here in this guide, we’ll walk you through each step that you can expect. So, let’s begin.

Personal Fitness Trainer Will Get to Know You

Everyone has their reasons to hire a personal trainer, so it’s a good idea to have your goals in your mind before the first session. Do you want to lose some weight? Get fitter? Or get better at a specific sport? You’ll have to share the details with the fitness coach so they can make an effective plan for you.

The coach will ask about the medical and physical history. For instance, if you have done any exercise before. If yes, you have to tell them what worked and what did not. The next thing they ask is about any illnesses or injuries. These are some basic questions that trainers have to know. The rest of the items to be discussed varies with each trainer.

The purpose of asking questions in the first session is to help design an effective and efficient workout plan.

Fill Out Forms

You’ll be asked to fill out a specific form before getting you started on the first session with the professional fitness coach. They will collect basic information like your health status, medical records, and injuries in this form.

This vital information is essential to assist the trainer in designing a good workout plan based on your current goals and medical history. Other than this, the forms can also include the following:

  • Waiver of liability
  • Informed consent
  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)
  • Client agreement contract

Best Personal Trainer Perform Fitness Assessment

Good trainers like Silicon Valley Athletics will also do fitness evaluations in the first session. While some of them can leave it to the second meeting. Depending on the trainer, this assessment can include the following:

  • Postural Test

Your trainer will assess you when you stand or walk in a relaxed posture. This is done to see if you have any musculoskeletal problems, like spine curvature and muscle imbalance.

  • Movement Analysis

The trainer will ask you to perform specific movements to check the joint alignment, over-active and under-active muscles, range of motion, and similar factors affecting your proper activity.


The personal coach might take neck, waist, bicep, and thigh measurements to track your progress throughout the journey.

The trainers can also do blood pressure checks, body composition, cardio, and flexibility test along with these basic assessments.

After all the forms and tests, it is now time for a workout! The personal fitness trainer, at this point, will check your ability. And, you can get the taste of their training style home depot health check. If you are new to training, they also introduce you to new machines that can support your workouts to be more effective.

Make this first session work for you. Clear any concerns you have, so later on, you don’t have to face any issues.

By Shan Ali

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