The main rule: apartment doors cannot be installed in a private house. They will not be able to protect the house from the cold, and the door trim is deformed under the influence of moisture and the sun. Composite doors with special insulation and weatherproof finish can be installed in the cottage.

What properties should the front door of the house have?

Rust protection

To protect the door from rust, it undergoes a special anti-corrosion treatment. Street doors “Steel Line” undergo additional treatment with zinc-containing soil and additional sealing of the joints of elements to protect against high humidity.

Multilayer insulation

Only multi-layer insulation can protect the house from active cold attacks. Steel Line doors are insulated with special materials that retain their high heat-shielding properties even in difficult climatic conditions. Thermal and moisture-resistant panels with a weather-resistant finish will retain their shape and flawless appearance throughout the entire service life. Only moisture-resistant door panels are installed in the Steel Line doors. They have been tested in the plant’s own testing laboratory for exposure to moisture and sunlight.

thermal break

This is a special technology that allows you to separate the outer cold part of the structure from the inner warm side of the door. In the doors “Steel Line” Series 100U, the thermal break of the leaf is used in the design. The absence of moldings protects against freezing in the canvas. An additional option – a thermal break in the box provides additional protection against frost.

For difficult climatic conditions, we have developed “warm” doors of the new generation “Husky PRO”. They have been tested in the real conditions of the Far North and do not require the installation of a vestibule.

Professional Installation

In order for the door to the house to perform its functions 100%, it must be correctly installed by a certified team of installers. A protective visor will help to maintain the impeccable appearance of the door.

How is the delivery and installation of the door?

We deliver the door to any place in Belarus.

At the factory, the door is packed, prepared for loading and placed in a special freight transport. Thanks to a well-established logistics system, warehouse door models “Steel Line” are delivered to your city from 3 working days. The manager will coordinate the installation time that is convenient for you, and a certified team of installers will come to you. The masters will install the door using a special technology, taking into account the installation site and the conditions of its operation.

If you have any questions about the operation or care of the door, you can always contact us – and our specialists will go to the site to resolve the issue.

Is it necessary to install a second door behind a metal one?

If this is the door to the apartment , then there is no need to install a second door. Entrance doors “Steel Line” have successfully passed the tests for the highest class of strength, sound insulation and tightness. They reliably protect against burglary, loud noise and unpleasant odors. Therefore, the second door behind the entrance is not needed.

If this is a door to a private house , then a second door is needed. The second door in the cottage is needed to equip an unheated ventilated vestibule. It cuts off the humid air of the room, reduces high humidity and protects against the formation of frost on the front door.

The entrance door can be installed:

  1. At the entrance from the vestibule to the house. In this case, the door is protected from exposure to bright sunlight, showers, snow and blizzards.
  2. At the entrance from the street to the vestibule.

To protect the door from direct exposure to sunlight, rain and snow, you need to equip the canopy above the door.

If you do not have the opportunity to equip a vestibule, choose “warm” doors for difficult climatic conditions “Husky PRO”. They have been tested in the Far North and will not let the cold into your house even in severe Epiphany frosts.

How to get rid of condensation on the front door?

The formation of condensation on the inside of the door is influenced by the temperature outside and inside the room and the humidity of the air. Moisture condensation on the inner surface of the door is the greater, the higher the humidity level and the greater the difference in air and surface temperatures.

How to get rid of condensation?

  1. Provide at home during the cold season a relative humidity of 30-45% and an air temperature of +14 – +22 degrees. To do this, it is necessary to organize ventilation in the house by arranging supply and exhaust ducts.
  2. Reduce the temperature difference between outside and inside the door. To do this, at the entrance to the house you need to equip an unheated ventilated vestibule.
  3. Increase the temperature of the inside of the door. This can be achieved by installing an entrance door with a thermal break, with a special door leaf design without “cold bridges” (doors of Series 100U), using MDF trims and extensions from the inside to finish the opening.
  4. Increase the convection (movement, mixing) of air in the room behind the door by installing a heating radiator next to the door.
  5. Correct “warm” installation of a solid doors.


What guarantee is valid for Steel Line doors?

All Steel Line doors are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of shipment, but not more than 30 months from the date of production.

The warranty does not cover natural wear of coatings, discoloration due to fading under direct sunlight.

Warranty service is not provided:

  • If the rules of installation, operation, maintenance of the product, set out in the technical passport, are not observed;
  • In the presence of mechanical damage resulting from improper transportation, installation, operation;
  • If there are traces of tampering on the product;
  • If there are traces of self-repair
  • In the presence of force majeure circumstances – fire, flooding, earthquake, etc.


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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