Before a month had passed, practically everyone was wary of making significant investments in the real estate market like maryam town Lahore. however, things have since shifted significantly in this industry. It is anticipated that the excitement will spread to the real estate market. As a result of recent developments in the stock market and the appreciation of the Pakistani rupee in comparison to the value of the United States dollar., which is the most popular real estate web in Pakistan. And, of course, Pakistanis living in other countries as well, have received reports that investment activity is starting back up again. How does the current situation stand? and what can we anticipate for the real estate market in the years to come? Let’s find out!

Influence felt throughout the board

Real estate agents from all of Pakistan’s main cities who are enrolled with the portal confirm that they have begun to see investment excitement in their respective locations. They also verified that there has been an increase in the number of potential customers inquiring about suitable investment choices via phone calls as well as in-person visits.’s sources in Gwadar, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad think that it would be difficult for many investors to turn down the opportunity to invest in real estate at the current enticing rates. These sources also believe that Faisalabad, Multan, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad In other instances, the correction in rates of the property market that took place during the last two years in the absence of active investors was as much as thirty percent lower than the peak rates that were recorded earlier in the market’s history.

Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, the new packages and projects that have been announced over the past two years have been designed to attract customers by offering cheaper rates and more appealing payment plans. And many of these deals are still available to be taken advantage of today. Additionally, the dry investing period brought with it a shift in the trends of property purchasing, all of which have made the investment proposal even more attractive.

What are the prerequisites and requirements?

The new taxing structure, which required both buyers and sellers to pay much higher amounts of taxes under a variety of different headings, is commonly thought to be at least partially responsible for the decline that was observed in the market. Considering that not much has changed, does this imply that increasing the amount of money paid in taxes is not going to be an issue anymore? The fact that many people believe that paying taxes in a system of governance that is more dependable means that their money is being used appropriately lends credence to the possibility that this statement is accurate. Therefore, the answer is that the payment of property taxes will not be a challenge for a significant number of investors. In the meantime, there is considerable anticipation for the implementation of a method of taxing that will result in increased revenue for the state.

There is also a widespread belief that transparency will be implemented in all of the relevant departments, which would further increase the trust that investors have in various industries. Along with the money, many Pakistanis who have expertise in different skills will head home to help Pakistan do better at various ends, which many people consider to be the beginning of a new era for Pakistan. And not to forget, a significant increase in the amount of money that Pakistanis send home from abroad is also anticipated.

Is there any chance of achieving a more equitable tax structure?

The consultants and experts in real estate believe that it is unreasonable to anticipate such significant shifts to take place immediately; however, they are optimistic that industry-wide reforms for the real estate market will be implemented sometime during the first three months of the year following this one.

It is also widely expected that the newly elected government in Pakistan will make a significant effort to broaden the tax base in the country and bring more people under the jurisdiction of the national tax net. This can primarily be accomplished by lowering the percentage of income that is subject to taxation and increasing the penalties for tax evasion. A similar intervention is anticipated in the real estate market, in which the percentage of tax will be lowered, and other benefits for taxpayers will be linked, to entice more people to start paying taxes.

A moderate cut in the tax rate is likely to result in favorable repercussions for the market. A resolution of some kind about this matter is eagerly awaited.

Which initiatives have the most potential?

In recent times, there has been a shift toward a real estate market that is friendlier to serious purchasers. And to cater to their requirements, several projects have been built in such a way as to provide alternatives for lower plot sizes as well as the availability of more convenient payment plans.

Because the majority of the transactions that were documented over the previous two years were for plots of 10 marlas or less, this size range likewise showed an appreciation in rate. And as a direct result of this, the investors decided to put their money into smaller plots. It is also true that investment activity has persisted for off-plan properties, where a significant trading volume was observed for the various down payment choices.

Consequently, investments were being made, but only in certain projects located in specific regions, and the majority of these investments were being made in projects with lower stakes. The identical projects that are going to start with seeing the signals of recovery will attract many more investors who are planning to capitalize on the market sentiments that have grown as a result of the expectations related to witnessing the adoption of promising policies for the country.


It will take some time before investment activity can be restarted for significant projects that are solely recognized for their popularity among experienced investors. On the other hand, new projects for which the developer has demonstrated successful on-ground development activity will get off the ground faster. You can discover many projects like this in all of the main cities, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify them because legitimate customers are the ones who are interested in them.

Those who want to play it safe by selecting the more affordable alternatives before placing large bets should be aware that investors are already getting busy buying property in bulk to take advantage of the current reduced rates. You should be aware of selling things around you through Craigslist. You will discover, as and when the new administration takes action for the good of the economy, that the rates have already gone up by a considerable margin before they even begin taking those actions.

Share with us in the comments how you plan to approach the process of investing in the real estate market and we’ll let you know how to proceed.

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