WhatsApp Promotional Messages: Everything You Need To Know

On social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you publish material to build a social community for your business.

That’s great, but do you also promote your business at one of the neighborhood’s busiest playgrounds?

We are, of course, referring to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp marketing messages are a successful marketing strategy for your brand or business.

What does WhatsApp promotional messaging entail then?

Businesses may use the WhatsApp Business API to engage in upselling and cross-selling activities, promote recently restocked or seasonal goods, provide exclusive offers, and even bring on new clients by showcasing a service’s benefits.

WhatsApp Promotional Messages: Where Do They Belong In Your Marketing Strategy?

Email used to be the go-to method for marketing, but those times are long gone.

Despite being superseded by social media, it has negatives like publicly published unfavorable evaluations.

Texting is the best option if you wish to make future plans.

To assist you comprehend WhatsApp’s position in your marketing strategy, we’ve developed a channel selection technique based on activity type (marketing or remarketing activities) and success indicators (brand awareness or brand engagement).

Choose whether you’ll utilize the channel for marketing or remarketing before anything else.

Marketing aims to bring in new clients and increase brand awareness, but it may also lead to spam.

In order to maintain a high-quality user experience, WhatsApp only allows new users to start conversations. Businesses may only actively connect with Contacts in their customer lists.

As a consequence, WhatsApp is used as a retargeting tool.

When it comes to promotional activity on WhatsApp, brand engagement—as determined by performance marketing metrics like open and click-through rates—is more significant than brand awareness.

Messaging has a higher profitability potential because of its improved engagement.

WhatsApp Promotional Messages: Recent Developments

Initially, WhatsApp allowed companies to send transactional messages like shipment updates.

Before removing the ban globally in September of 2021, it tested non-transactional or promotional communications in select nations throughout the year.

This is important because WhatsApp is — or ought to be — a component of any omnichannel marketing strategy.

It may be used to support marketing efforts on other platforms, such website banners or social media postings, or it can stand alone and creatively engage consumers.

Before sending out a flood of WhatsApp Bulk SMS, take into account the following.

Contacts must initially opt-in in order to receive promotional emails.

Additionally, you need to adhere to WhatsApp’s Business & Commerce Policies.

This includes just utilizing Message Templates, which WhatsApp must first authorize.

On the other hand, the potential advantages of WhatsApp promotional messages far exceed the costs.

WhatsApp Promotional Messages: A Marketing Must-Have

With more than 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp is a need for businesses in nations where it is widely used.

Casual and quick interactions encourage quick action and long-term brand loyalty.

Without a doubt, its most important benefit is giving businesses the capacity to engage with recognized Contacts.

It is also highly economical to promote directly to clients who have shown an interest in your goods or services.

A clever WhatsApp promotional message might also persuade recipients to take action.

More than 90% of new website visitors aren’t prepared to make a purchase.

Utilizing a popular medium to remind individuals of their goal increases user conviction and conversions.

The versatility of WhatsApp Message Templates, which may be used in a number of circumstances, is another factor.

The same strategies and approaches employed in email marketing are more effective and welcomed when applied in messaging.

Below, we’ll look at a couple of them.

Broadcast Promotions to a Wide Audience

Perhaps you own a supermarket chain and want to advertise your monthly promotions to your online consumers.

Although you’ve been sending email newsletters, it’s likely that your subscribers are ignoring them.

Instead, send WhatsApp Broadcasts for this kind of remarketing activity.

The most efficient approach to make announcements is via broadcasts.

They are targeted, focused, and sent to an inbox where Contacts often spend time.

Bulk messages like replenishment notifications may be customized using Dynamic Variables to send personalized messages to specific recipients.

Because they choose to receive your communications, they expect to hear from you.

However, use care while using broadcasts to avoid being mistaken for spam, since this might lead to the blacklisting of your phone number and a reduction in your quality rating.

If this seems like the right tactic for you, use WhatsApp Broadcast in the Broadcast Module to simultaneously contact thousands of selected contacts.

Automate Promotional Messages with Triggers

Imagine you are the owner of a luxury electronics shop.

You’ve definitely seen that online shoppers take their time choosing items and doing research, yet abandoned shopping carts are a typical occurrence.

Only 10% of the potential money is recovered by return-to-cart emails, but WhatsApp messages reach clients when their intention or desire is still fresh in their thoughts.

The open rates for WhatsApp SMS Blast are far higher and faster than those for email, with over 80% of them being read within 5 minutes.

Furthermore, up to 60% of abandoned carts may be recovered using WhatsApp cart recovery messaging.

In Interactive Message Templates, call-to-action buttons, for instance, combine a feeling of urgency with brevity of action.

Every stage of a customer’s journey requires a choice.

Making it clear what they should do reduces decision fatigue and motivates people to act.

This works particularly effectively for clients who need a little encouragement to purchase frivolous items like gaming gear.

The same processes as setting up WhatsApp push alerts are used to configure WhatsApp promotional messages to be sent in response to certain trigger events.

You’ll soon be able to do this utilizing the Messages API via a Zapier connector.

Create a WhatsApp Drip Campaign

Consider a streaming service that wants to turn trial users into paying clients.

A tried-and-true tactic is a drip marketing campaign. A succession of automated messages would be sent to Contacts in this case in response to their actions or modifications to their customer journey.

Instead of accepting email’s poor interaction, start a WhatsApp drip campaign.

Evoke excitement or urgency in clients with diverse communications to keep a company in their thoughts and encourage repeat service usage.

A further advantage of drip marketing on WhatsApp is that these recommendations seem friendlier than they would through email because of the casual nature of chatting applications.

Business communications, which have click rates over 600 percent greater than email, help to develop customer connections.

Making a WhatsApp drip campaign is simple with GetItSMS.

To build a sequence of messages that will be sent over a certain amount of time, just use the Workflows Module.

You’re losing out if you haven’t looked into utilizing WhatsApp for marketing. Marketing messaging has a lot of potential.

Start straight immediately if you want to beat the competition.

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