Healthy eating is considered to be one of the wisest choices that a person can make in his life. Healthy eating not only keeps our body away from diseases but also ensures that our mind remains active. Our body needs all the essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins, calcium substances to grow. But we keep on eating junk food that not only harms our body but also rises the chance of diseases. If you want to keep your body healthy, you should maintain your weight following your height and age, eat properly and exercise daily. We have heard this slang not just once or twice but more than thrice that to get healthy apart from gymming or exercising we have to keep a control on our eating habits as well. You can also consult professional nutritionists or dieticians for planning out your diet in a balanced way. There are many healthy items that you can take like cereals, oats, chia seeds smoothies, green vegetables, quinoa, and much more. Out of these chia seeds, granola is mostly preferred by people as apart from being healthy, it is very tasty. You should put a pause on the food items that contain saturated and complex sugar. Anything that you have in your meals should be in a quantity. You should not eat too much of it just by thinking that everything you are eating is healthy, so you can have it in any quantity. 


Let us know about the healthy items that you can have on your plate in detail:-

  1. Chia seeds 

Chia seeds are an excellent meal that you can have in your smoothies, chilla, salad, and much more items. It will help you in reducing and maintaining your weight. Also, it consists of the least amount of calories and maximum amount of nutrients. People have it in their breakfast and they can witness the changes in one month. It also reduces the impact of bloating and reduces tummy fat. But you don’t have to take chia seeds in excess. Chia seeds granola and chia muesli is some of the prettiest metals.

  1. Almonds, cashew nuts, dates

Even you are maintaining your weight, or you are practicing the culture of a healthy diet, you should include almonds, cashew nuts, dates, walnuts in your daily routine. It helps in keeping the blood pressure level in control and enhances body activity. Also, when you will have almonds, dates, cashew nuts included in your daily diet, it will help you feel fuller. It is advisable to take these nuts in the morning. Dates granola is one of the most satisfying and tastiest meals ever.

  1. Quinoa 

Quinoa is full of proteins. It might not be tasty for some people but they prefer it because it is on the much healthier side. Once, you start eating quinoa regularly, you will build up a taste for it. You can add chopped vegetables to your quinoa, or you can have quinoa salad for your breakfast. All these meals are pretty healthy and can help you to maintain healthy meal culture. 

So, these are the healthy meals that one can incorporate into their plate. These meals are high in fiber and make the digestion power of the body faster. You can start your healthy eating with dates granola, the perfect meal for a healthy body. 

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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