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You can always upgrade your degree by doing a masters or PhD in this subject that you know. You can upgrade skills that you have, such as Microsoft Office, or even Basic English, by doing a simple course which would help you gain a certification regarding the subject. There are many things that you can do to upgrade yourself, and this upgradation does not necessarily mean upgradation of your certification. 

There are so many different types of courses and certifications available that would help you have an advantage on your resume. Black belt six sigma certification can not only help you to upgrade your degree but also help you to upgrade your work skills. 

Whether you are working for a business, or a separate company, having a six sigma certification would resonate with the fact that you are good concerning your work models and analytics. There are many online black belt six sigma certification courses available, and you can easily lean six sigma black belt certification online. 

Six Sigma basis:-

Bill smith created the six sigma concept back in 1986. He is told to be an analytical genius that combined the work of previous analysts, to form this concept. The Statistical Quality Control tool which was developed by Walter Shewhart was incorporated in this sigma concept. 

The Plan Do Check Act (PDCA), sampling techniques from the Department of Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics from the United States of America, Student’s t-distribution, P-value, F-distribution, were the different concepts that were incorporated while developing the six sigma concept. 

What is online black belt six sigma certification?

Six sigma concept is nothing but a type of SOP or a set of tools and procedures that a company can follow. These tools and procedures not only help the company to ensure a proper procedure that is of supreme quality but also makes sure that the process done by the company has zero or minimal errors. 

Therefore if you want to lean sigma black belt certification, you would have to be a professional that is very quick in the analysis of business procedures. This analysis of business procedures should be rapid. Professionals that are qualified with the concept would be able to identify hidden errors, risks and defects in the procedures. If you have a black belt certification in the six sigma concept, you are considered to be one of the most advanced analysts. 

If you want to lean six sigma black belt certification and have the online black belt six sigma certification, you need to first understand the different colours of six sigma certification. They are as follows:-

  1. White belt:- This means that you have only had the basic knowledge of the six sigma concepts have, and you have just started reading it.
  2. Yellow belt:- A yellow belt means that you have started to apply the knowledge that you have learned in theory. 
  3. Green belt:- The green belt signifies that you have understood all the concepts that would hamper a  process’s quality. 
  4. Black belt:- If you are a qualified black belt, you can easily teach all the above colours. You know everything. It is even possible for you to go even higher by mastering the black belt.


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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