Aesthetics have always played a major role throughout time. Whether it be a product design or how to lucratively grab attention, design components have been an integral part over the years. Interior design as a concept has always been around through the names that might have changed over the years. History does show the rich and wealthy always wanting to flaunt their living spaces as a symbol of their power. Over the years interior design manifested itself as a means for many to showcase their personality through the space they live in. 

A brief into the world of interior designing

Interior design as a term was coined as late as the early 1900s even though the concept for beautifying homes always existed. The term was widely circulated amongst numerous papers and publications at that point in time to build awareness. 1905 saw the first interior designer term being used and applied. Over the years many states and countries decide to regulate the term and identify it as a profession. The latter decades have provided us with many top interior designers, each one leaving their impressions on the profession and its practices.  

Tips to keep in mind when selecting an interior designer

  • The first step before taking on any interior designing project is to understand your own style and the aesthetic that you are going for. 
  • Getting a good look at design portfolios can often provide a comprehensive idea of the designer’s capabilities. 
  • It is very easy to go overboard with spending when not keeping an eye on it. Stick to a dedicated budget and try to work around it. 
  • Having an actual meeting with the designers in the space that they will be working on provides a lot of clarity on the design aspects.
  • Be sure to get all your queries clarified by the designers. After all, changes once made will be sort of a permanent fixture for a long time. 
  • Be sure to try out design elements that you have never had experienced before. Keeping an open mind goes a long way in this case. 
  • Always compare notes after meeting with the designers. Be sure to stay updated with the changes and the entire process as you go along. 
  • Always make sure to sign a contract once you have reached an agreement with the designer. It is important to put in a legal framework. 
  • Have a plan and schedule made to frame out the renovation and construction elements accordingly.

If you are looking forward to getting your home renovated then fret no further. Some of top interior design companies in Gurgaon are extremely easy to reach out to and answer clients’ queries almost immediately. They also put a lot of emphasis on providing a seamless experience to all the stakeholders involved. If you want an extension of your own personality into your living spaces, then the interior design can definitely help you out a lot in this case. So, what are you waiting for, get designing and build the home of your dreams?

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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