The epoxy coating comprises two chemicals, a polyamine hardener and an epoxy resin. It can be used in many different ways and has advantages such as durability, affordability, eco-friendly, low maintenance, strong resistance and many more. The lifespan of the coating depends on the surface it is used.

It may go for 20 to 30 years or 10 to 12 years. The price of the coating is reasonable compared to other coatings. It is majorly made for high traffic areas and can be used on different materials and different places. 

1) Flooring Firstly, the epoxy coating is used on tiles. The main use of coating in titles shows up when it comes to securing the tiles from chipping or breaking, and they give a shiny appearance to the tiles. The flooring of residential spaces, commercial buildings, industrial areas, factories can apply epoxy floor coating over their tiles. Heavy material or equipment can take them over to hold the weight. They are applied to keep in mind their life span of around 10 to 15 years and is suitable for almost all spaces. They can resist any chemicals, making them more convenient to use. This is the best coating over the flooring compared to any other type of coating. It has more advantages than disadvantages.  


2) Metal surfaces- The coating is mostly made of metal surfaces like metal containers or metal cans. It protects the metal container from all carbon deterioration. It helps to protect the external surface and keeps it safe. You should note that the metal containers get rust easily, and therefor you need to put coating them quite often. The epoxy coating is the best for metal surfaces as it protects the external surface from the environment. It strengthens the metal surface. The coating will avoid decay or corrosion from the metal surfaces. The life span of the metal surface automatically increases without any doubt.


3) Marine products- A coating of epoxy is a must for all marine products and boats, and ships. Marine products also need the epoxy coating as it gives them a layer. One of the best parts of using an eproxy coating is the anti-corrosion feature which is mainly needed for ships, boats or marine products. The coating prevents the ships or boats from the harsh sun rays of the ultraviolet rays and the seawater. The waterproof property of the coating makes it easy to use on products used in water. This type of coating isalso used to repair any structural damage toboats. 

4) Automotive applications- To help you understand better automotive applications, they are parts of a vehicle like ignition, in-car entertainment systems, engines and many other electronic parts. The chemical properties of the epoxy coating can resist heat. These applications have an epoxy coat to keep their internal parts protected from continuous heat. The mechanical strength of the coating also helps the other parts. The body of the car is also a coat of epoxy which provides them safety from damages. Sometimes, it can also extend the life span of the car. 


Final Words


Besides the mentioned above purposes, epoxy coating is also used in manyother sectors. The daily use of coating are also seen being used in washing machines, refrigerators and stoves. The coating qualities are so purposeful that they are needed to be used in almost many places. 

If you are planning to use coating over objects, using epoxy coating can help you in many different ways. Its cost-effectiveness and low maintenance make them more attractive than all the other coatings in the market. When choosing a coating, look at all the different qualities, prices and life span.

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